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Beehive: Floor and Wall Framing and Sheathing

We had some good weather this week here in Santa Fe and spent the last two days working on our new client project, The Beehive Mobile Mini Mart.  (click on the Category: Beehive Mini Mart in the list to the right to see all the posts about the Beehive…)

Day 1: Trailer Leveling, Floor Framing, Floor Insulation, Floor Sheathing, and Bolt-Downs to Trailer Frame
Trailer is leveled and we're ready to start framing the floor.

Trailer is leveled and we’re ready to start framing the floor.

Floor is framed and insulated.

Floor is framed and insulated.

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Tiny House Progress: roof framing and exterior wall sheeting

Hello!  happy saturday!  we have been busy building our tiny house on a trailer – a gooseneck trailer (see previous post on our foundation – the trailer)  The walls are framed, the roof is framed and we just put the plywood sheeting on the exterior yesterday.  here are a few photos and a time lapse video of the construction progress so far:

the roof is framed

roof framing

the front of our new Tiny House (or the back, if you prefer...)

the inside of our Tiny House looking back toward the bedroom

interior view from the bedroom

the front of the trailer (the rear of the house) showing the bedroom platform elevated over the gooseneck

hope all is well, and we’ll keep you posted as we sheet the roof next!

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