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Starting the Beehive Mobile Mini Mart . We have the trailer!

We have the trailer for our client’s project: The Beehive Mobile Mini Mart!  Very exciting.  We’ll be starting the build next week and at last I’ll have something exciting to blog about again!  And You all will have another build to follow along on!  And our client will have a new mini mobile business!

Trailer for Clothesline Tiny Home's new client project: Beehive Mobile Mini Mart.

Trailer for Clothesline Tiny Home’s new client project: Beehive Mobile Mini Mart.

We had this trailer custom built to have integral jack stands as well as a full width 8′-0″ wide platform.  Framing and anchor bolts will be a breeze with this wider foundation.

The trailer is 8′-0″ wide by 16′-0″ long and the store will be 14′-0″ long with a 2′-0″ deck on the rear.  You can read more about the design of the tiny store and Clothesline’s client in this previous blog post.

New Trailer for Clothesline's upcoming project: Beehive Mobile Mini Mart.

New Trailer for Clothesline’s upcoming project: Beehive Mobile Mini Mart.

You can follow along with us when we start building next week.  Search “Beehive” here on our blog or click on the ‘Beehive Mini Mart’ category in the right hand column.

Getting this trailer reminds me of when we bought our trailer to build a tiny house for ourselves.  The trailer was used and required quite a bit of work to convert it from a car hauler to a foundation for a house.  I am a fan of re-purposing, but when it comes to the foundation for a structure…we’re excited to start the build on a new, clean slate.

Take care and stay posted…

– Carrie

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Winterizing the Tiny House and Other Outdoor Improvements

Hello everyone!  We spent this past weekend winterizing our Tiny House in reaction to the really cold weather we’ve been having here in Santa Fe.  In the 20’s at night…. Brrr!  Now it’s back up into the 70’s, which is nice, but we still needed to get set up for winter, which is different in a tiny house.

  1. Hook up our propane Newport heater
  2. Insulate our graywater tank and hose located under the trailer
  3. Install wind-block and insulation skirting under the trailer foundation
  4. fix the heat tape at our water supply hose (we had used some heat tape we found from an old trailer but turns out it didn’t work – we found this out when our water froze!)

Our propane heater:

we already had propane plumbed near the heater but we just needed to hook up the connection line with a shut off valve.

Newport propane heater provides a cozy fireplace effect.

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