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Tiny House Progress: house wrap, exterior trim, interior walls

Well, we’ve been plugging away on our Tiny House and it’s really starting to feel like a house.  A tiny house….  With the walls sheeted we can get a better feel for the space inside, (or absence of space…) and it’s going to be cozy!  Hopefully perfectly cozy. We realized last night that the new Tiny House will be about twice the size of the staircase at our current house.  Ha!  Maybe three times the size…

Yesterday Shane got the house wrapped with a Tyvek house wrap product and the interior walls built, as well as exterior trim installed at the roof line.

The house wrap we found on craigslist for $40 for a roll.  A great find.

The interior walls are built, with pocket door hardware at the bathroom walls that separate the bedroom from kitchen / living room.

There will be a storage loft above the bathroom space that can be accessed from the kitchen side and the bedroom side.  Here’s a photo of the bedroom:

There will be stairs on both sides of the bed with drawers for clothes storage.  Here’s a photo of the living room, showing the front door and the full height windows on the left, and picture window on the right:

Shane did some really beautiful trim work to bring the roof drip edge out as far as possible (without exceeding the 8′-6″ width limitation):

Also, tiny house bling bling!  We just got our kitchen sink in the mail and it is so gorgeous!  shiny chrome / stainless steel with a dish board on one side.  Large enough to still be functional and wash dishes, unlike bar sinks or RV sinks.  It’s from  Really beautiful, and lightweight!  In case we ever have to pack up “everything and the kitchen sink”….

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