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Everyone Poops. Tiny House Toilet Options.

I came across an interesting article about toilets and thought I would share it with you all, as toilets seem to be a favorite topic of discussion among tiny housers.  Click HERE to read the Fast Company article about Bill Gates’ sponsored toilet inventions around the world.  One submittal:

China’s toilet submission.  Not sure where you sit.  Looks dangerous…

My fave was China’s toilet design submission that “extracts and disposes fecal sludge on-site”.  Not to pick on the Chinese… but c’mon, do I really want to dump fecal sludge outside my home?  I’m sure there’s some way to make it “odorless” right?  … but I have no trust for systems claiming to be odorless, as that has been our main complaint with our Incinolet incinerating toilet.

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Simple Sunday? Soon…

Hello everyone!  wow, are we tuckered out.  yesterday was moving day – we moved some of our furniture into a storage unit, donated a truckfull of stuff to Goodwill and also moved everything into our tiny house. utilizing all our hidden storage spaces.  the storage under the kitchen cabinets is awesome.  Shane built the kitchen cabinets above the wheel well enclosures, so they’re about 7″ off the floor – enough space for storage tubs I have.  So that’s where writing and drawing supplies are stored, extra toiletries, tools, and cleaning supplies.

yesterday, the icing on the cake after a ten hour day packing moving and cleaning was trying to re-build our incinerating toilet… in vain.  we had bought a used Incinolet off craigslist and it needs a new motor and new fan, and probably a new catalyst.  they’re complicated.  we were fried after working on it and finally realizing it wasn’t going to function.  I drove to Safeway to use the bathroom.  Shane ran out to pick up cat litter and a bucket.  It was an impromptu toilet solution.  that actually doesn’t smell at all!  which is a relief after the stench from our smoking Incinolet.  I was laughing hysterically because Shane selected the “Multi-Cat” cat litter.  That might be the new nickname for the house: Multi-Cat.  I think that is just so cute that he selected multi cat.  Shane and Carrie – multi cats.

Carrie scrubbing the Incinolet’s fan wheel. It’s corroded and bent and needs to be replaced.

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Tiny Progress: Light Fixtures, finish plumbing

Happy Saturday!  Today is my sister Erin’s birthday.  26 years old.  Happy birthday Enna!

Yesterday we did more clear-coating of the wood (boo, I hate polyurethane.  but it works.)  Shane got some baseboard / trim installed (which I forgot to get pictures of!  dangit)  We installed our incinerating toilet!  So exciting.

Rio in the office.

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Second Step – Sewage system.

It’s a fact of life, isn’t it?  that we create waste?  Well, in planning out this Tiny House I just wasn’t super excited about hauling around 55 gallons of septic waste, and then finding somewhere to put that ____…  “Say, is that your sewer clean-out there?  Would you mind if we just connected this hose?  Or worse, somehow filling a bucket with waste and then manually transporting it somewhere.  True, if we stayed in RV parks it’d be no problem, just plug in and forget about it, like we’ve always done.  But we’re in our thirties, not our sixties, so we’re planning to try to stay on someone’s land or in someone’s large yard, rather than a commercialized park.  I also feel a bit of a cringe when I think about traditional sewer systems – contaminating our drinking water.  doesn’t seem brilliant.  but it is so clean and so odorless.

So, the options:

– a 5 gallon home depot bucket with a toilet seat and some sawdust inside.  (which poses the same problem of asking our hosts if they’d mind if we just started a little human waste pile out back by their kids’ playground.  “don’t worry, it just takes a year!”)  I would totally do this if I had my own land, because it’s free, and it creates compost.

– a Clivus Multrum or other similar composting toilet

– or an Incinolet incinerating toilet

we ended up finding this beauty only a mile away here in Prescott:

It’s an Incinolet incinerating toilet, which are normally $1800 or so (what?!) but we got this for less than half price.  So, no sewer system required, no tanks, no fresh water needed to process our sewage.  It turns it into ash.


























we’ll let you know how it goes…  😉

















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