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Tiny House Furniture Inspiration

Thanks for everyone’s comments on the last blog I wrote about entitlement.  Fascinating stuff.  On a lighter note….

I saw a really cool custom cabinetry unit online yesterday.  It combines a fold-down table and a Murphy bed.  This would work great in a Tiny House that was intended for more of an art studio / guest house and didn’t have a loft.

designed by Sarah Zames of General Assembly

you can read the whole post about the custom casework and remodel project here at Design Sponge.

There’s another company that makes fold down furniture like this too: Resource Furniture and their line called Space Savers has a wealth of folding furniture.  Their site has cool little videos of the furniture in action.

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Tiny Hospitality, Podcasts, and Tiny House Furniture: a Swiveling Table

hello everyone!

well, it’s been three weeks of living in Santa Fe now, and we are loving it!  it’s great to have the house out on some land that provides some long views from the interior and a lot of exterior spaciousness.

Recent happs:

  • Shane spoke on Tiny r(E)volution’s podcast about Tiny Living yesterday… you can listen to the podcast by clicking this link.
  • My brother and his family visited us over the long weekend so we got to try out “Tiny Hospitality”…
  • And a recent addition to our tiny house was a swiveling table…

Swivel table in the living room.

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