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The Collaborative Tiny House Project

we received an email from a group calling themselves ‘The Collaborative Tiny House Project.’  They are creating video curriculum instructing how to build a tiny house that will be used in high schools and trade schools as well as distributed for general public use.

The Collaborative Tiny House Project has a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to create curriculum for schools wanting to teach how to build tiny houses.

The Collaborative Tiny House Project has a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to create curriculum for schools wanting to teach how to build tiny houses.

check out their Kickstarter campaign here.

and the Tiny House Giveaway on their Facebook page here.

seems like building a tiny house would be an awesome project for students – hands-on, practical, useable information.  I hope they can make it work.

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Tiny House Progress: More Exterior Siding

Progress progress.  I wanted to update you on Shane’s hand injury and our progress on the exterior siding and a current time-lapse photo of the Tiny House construction progress.

We worked on installing siding all day yesterday and it is looking really great.  We like the galvanized z-bar flashing between sheets – a flat siding “rainscreen” type application that works really well on our tiny house.  Like we mentioned before, we decided to use a readily available compressed cedar chip siding – TruWood I think it’s called.  It’s light, easy to cut, easy to install, and thinner than real wood planks.

Here’s an overall photo of the siding installation process:

We also took the masking tape off of one window and our glossy white trim is looking very nice!  (photo above.)  We installed the front door, deciding to just use galvanized j-mold flashing around that in lieu of more bulky white trim.  Here are a few close-ups of the siding:

the nail heads will be painted over, giving it a smooth, clean plank finish.  The black painted piping visible in the photo above is our propane headed to the propane space heater and propane cooktop in the kitchen.

Here is a short video of construction progress so far:

Okay, so now if you get queasy easily you might not want to scroll down to the next images.  As you may have heard already, Shane cut his knuckle on his right hand on some z-bar flashing Tuesday and we went to the ER to get it stitched up.  the ER doc said the extensor tendon was lacerated and we needed to go to a hand surgeon.  So, we went to the hand doc on Friday morning and the doctor saw how Shane could still lift his finger and said the tendon was fine, slapped a band-aid on it and told him to keep it straight for a month.  Okaaaay….  but the ER doctor said the tendon was lacerated.  Oh.  The hand doc called the ER doc to get the story straight from him.  It is lacerated, almost completely.  So then the hand doc said he needed to operate on it.  After a discussion about malpractice and liability it was agreed that the tendon couldn’t be lacerated completely through or the finger would be hanging limp, and not able to lift up, like it is.  Remembering the ER doc could only see the laceration the flexed position we all agreed that the top of the tendon was cut, but not the bottom, and if kept in a splint, it would heal on it’s own, without surgery.  (which just involves cutting the knuckle open and doing a fancy figure eight stitch through the two ends of the tendon).  So, we paid $30 for a $2 splint and $165 for 20 minutes of the doctor’s time, and we were on our way!

Here’s the cut (and the bandaid the hand doc was going to send us away with first!)

Here’s the splint Shane is using now to keep the finger from flexing:

We had a good laugh with the hand doc about the first splint Shane was given at the ER.  I am trying to think of the right metaphor for the ER compared to the rest of the medical field….  maybe the ER’s splint was like this guy’s toaster:  Which is as awesome story about the cost and difficulty of making a toaster from scratch and how we take technological advances for granted.

Okay, happy Sunday everyone!  Tomorrow we’re headed to buy some surplus insulation and go to IKEA to look for a sink, lighting, etc?, and eat some ebelskivers!  After that we’ll finish the exterior siding, insulate the house, install the roofing, and start on the interior finishes.  Stay posted… we need to finish this month to meet our construction goal of two months total.  We’ll see how badly Shane’s hand injury affects progress.  Maybe I can step it up, get up earlier, and help out more??  While working and bringing home… some bacon.  🙂

take care,

– Carrie

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Tiny House Progress: house wrap, exterior trim, interior walls

Well, we’ve been plugging away on our Tiny House and it’s really starting to feel like a house.  A tiny house….  With the walls sheeted we can get a better feel for the space inside, (or absence of space…) and it’s going to be cozy!  Hopefully perfectly cozy. We realized last night that the new Tiny House will be about twice the size of the staircase at our current house.  Ha!  Maybe three times the size…

Yesterday Shane got the house wrapped with a Tyvek house wrap product and the interior walls built, as well as exterior trim installed at the roof line.

The house wrap we found on craigslist for $40 for a roll.  A great find.

The interior walls are built, with pocket door hardware at the bathroom walls that separate the bedroom from kitchen / living room.

There will be a storage loft above the bathroom space that can be accessed from the kitchen side and the bedroom side.  Here’s a photo of the bedroom:

There will be stairs on both sides of the bed with drawers for clothes storage.  Here’s a photo of the living room, showing the front door and the full height windows on the left, and picture window on the right:

Shane did some really beautiful trim work to bring the roof drip edge out as far as possible (without exceeding the 8′-6″ width limitation):

Also, tiny house bling bling!  We just got our kitchen sink in the mail and it is so gorgeous!  shiny chrome / stainless steel with a dish board on one side.  Large enough to still be functional and wash dishes, unlike bar sinks or RV sinks.  It’s from  Really beautiful, and lightweight!  In case we ever have to pack up “everything and the kitchen sink”….

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Tiny House Progress: roof framing and exterior wall sheeting

Hello!  happy saturday!  we have been busy building our tiny house on a trailer – a gooseneck trailer (see previous post on our foundation – the trailer)  The walls are framed, the roof is framed and we just put the plywood sheeting on the exterior yesterday.  here are a few photos and a time lapse video of the construction progress so far:

the roof is framed

roof framing

the front of our new Tiny House (or the back, if you prefer...)

the inside of our Tiny House looking back toward the bedroom

interior view from the bedroom

the front of the trailer (the rear of the house) showing the bedroom platform elevated over the gooseneck

hope all is well, and we’ll keep you posted as we sheet the roof next!

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Foundation – Framing, insulating, decking the floor and more work on the trailer

Hello!  happy Saturday.

We’ve been busy refining our design, searching for doors, windows and siding materials, as well as other misc items like a water heater, fridge, and toilet!  (stay tuned for an upcoming post on our toilet!  you won’t be disappointed – it’s not your average flusher…)

Yesterday Shane was busy cleaning up the trailer.  And by “cleaning up” I mean grinding steel chunks off the frame after removing a tool basket that was welded to the front gooseneck.  this space will become a perfect little storage shelf under the bed.

Shane cleaning up the trailer in our shop.

little rooster tail....

BIG rooster tail!

I've definitely got the better job as the photographer. Except... are you trying to hit me with those sparks?!

better back up and take pictures from a safer distance…

Rio watches from a safe distance...

Shane also got the floor framed, insulated, and decked this past week.  only a few minor problems with the trailer being out of square, but he was able to even things out using a handy Giant Steel Trailer Bender.  Naw, just kidding, he just adjusted the framing to be square.  the trailer “is what it is” as all realists say.

have a great day!  thanks for following us as we build our tiny (portable) home.

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