why drywall?

Why drywall? 

We chose to use drywall for our interior wall cladding for several reasons:

  1. Aesthetics: we wanted a smooth, bright, white surface with minimal texture to help make the interior of our house feel more spacious.
  2. Health: drywall has very few ingredients, no off-gassing and is a healthy solution for indoor air quality.
  3. Cost: drywall is one of the least expensive wall cladding materials available.
  4. Vapor Barrier: properly installed, drywall acts as a vapor barrier.
  5. No Cracking: we figured out a way to install our drywall without conventional taped and mudded seams, so the joints can flex in transit, if needed.  We haven’t had any cracking problems!

View to the living room from the kitchen.


7 thoughts on “why drywall?

  1. Victoria

    How did you get the drywall up without mud etc? Your home is beautiful ❤

    • That is a trade secret that Clothesline Tiny Home clients get in there homes.

      Thank you, we are loving our home and getting close to building another one in the near future.
      Stay tuned,

  2. leepera

    Hey Carrie! Lee here from Boneyard Studios. Any way I can pay a small consulting fee just for consultations on drywall install? I’m considering going with that as well. Message me: lee at boneyardstudios.com. Thanks!

  3. This is the first TH that i have seen with drywall and it looks GREAT !! All of your design and constructions appear to be of the finest quality. Good work on your blog too!

  4. Erin

    I am also curious/skeptical about your drywall technique. This is something I have been giving a great deal of though too as I have worried about cracking, et.

  5. Line N

    how does the drywall cope with moving around?
    I have heard and read that TH’s have a tendency to give when transporting, and in that case I would suspect that drywall would hurt from it?

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