whose plans did you use?

Whose plans did you use?

We designed our house ourselves.  The plans are available for sale, let me know if you are interested.  I will be posting them for download from our website soon.  They’ll be available as Design Drawings or Construction Drawings.  We are also working on other plan options for sale, which will be posted soon.

check out this page for more info on our plan.


2 thoughts on “whose plans did you use?

  1. Peter

    Hi, I like your tiny home. Is it possible with a gooseneck trailer to build a loft if you want one? Also I was toying with the idea of purchasing an old chassis/cab motorhome, tearing it apart, using what I can out of it, and building a tiny home on top of the chassis. I figured that it would be easier instead of pulling a trailer home. I’m openned to any ideas. Also, I do like Airstreams. Comparing the cost of an Airstream and a tiny home, what are the advantages, besides preferrences?

    Thank you for sharing your experience

    • hi there, thanks for your comment!
      re: the loft: yes, you could still do a loft with a gooseneck trailer, but the benefit of the gooseneck is that you can keep the overall height lower than the max allowed of 13′-6. with a loft you’d have to build to the max height to allow enough height to walk below.

      old motorhome chassis – we looked into this as well and eventually decided against it because of the amount of demolition work required and because we weren’t confident an old motorhome chassis would be strong enough to allow the weight of a custom built tiny house on top… campers and rvs are built with very thin very lightweight materials. if the chassis could handle a GVW of 14,000# then you’d be okay …probably.

      airstreams: we like them too! they’re a bit pricey, even the old ones. and they don’t have the ceiling height that makes a tiny house feel roomier than it is. airstreams also have thin walls and minimal insulation so you’d have to pump the heat in colder climates…. so, the advantages of a tiny house over an airstream would be: higher ceilings, feel more like a “real” home or cabin, and allow for better insulation = more comfort in inclement weather.

      those are my thoughts, hope that helps!

      take care,

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