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Finally – a resource for stuff that lasts

I haven’t posted in a while, but recently found this site that I am so glad to see!  If you’re like me you get frustrated when you have to buy something and, no matter how much you research, it breaks within a few months or years.  It seems like good solid objects just aren’t for sale anymore – it’s all discount walmart junk destined for the landfill.

but check this out, a site dedicated to finding and sharing products that are made to last:

Buy Me Once
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Speaking of Bees…

I’m sure many of you have seen the photos or TEDtalks about declining bee populations, but I wanted to share a 15 minute TEDtalk video I just watched.

produce and bees

I love this lecture because it outlines the problems, which are super depressing, as bees could be a mirror of our human colonies… but the talk also offers great solutions at the end that all of us could provide to help the bees stay healthy.

Basically, plant flowers that bees like.  Native flowering shrubs are best.  And if you’re a farmer, plant natural nitrogen-fixing cover crops like clover and alfalfa, and skip the synthetic nitrogen fertilizers.

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