Tiny House in Place on Our New Land

Friday we placed a concrete pad for the Tiny House on our new land and this week we moved the house onto it’s new slab.  The tiny house will be used as a guest house and is now connected to sewer (flushing toilet!  hooray!)

The front entry courtyard with the tiny house in place.

The front entry courtyard with the tiny house in place.

We obscured the view of the gooseneck hitch with a dry-stacked CMU wall that can be disassembled when we want to move the tiny house.  Shane will add a little shed roof over this masonry wall and it will be outdoor storage area and there will be a wall connecting the main house to this masonry wall.

The south side of our new house and the tiny house entry.

The south side of our new house and the tiny house entry.

The tiny house is an integral part of our new house design – we were able to make our new house smaller (only 1 BR 1 BA) because the tiny house will serve as a Guest House.  It also blocks wind and creates an outdoor courtyard shielded from the adjacent road to the west.

In the photo above you can also see our hot water solar panels in place!  These will heat our domestic hot water and radiant floors.

We ended up orienting the Tiny House with it’s entry facing away from the main house entry because the views were better from inside the tiny house – we wanted the full height windows in the Tiny House living room to look at the mountains to the east, not the road to the west.  It’s more private inside the tiny house this way.

Really amazing views from inside the tiny house.

Really amazing views from inside the tiny house.

The tiny house is connected to water, sewer, and electric and we’ll be moving into it at the end of September while we finish the inside of our main house.

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6 thoughts on “Tiny House in Place on Our New Land

  1. This looks amazing. We are going to have to put ours on a concrete slab within the next year. We would love to meet up with you guys at some point if you are available. We often travel to southern CO (Westcliffe) area where our house is located. It looks like you may be on the other side of the slopes, but let us know if you are ever up in the Denver area, or would be open to us coming for a visit 🙂

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  3. Hi… Great site and great job on the TH and getting your ultimate home setup with land! I’m looking at building a TH on a 30′ goose neck trailer. As a single man I want one open area with just the small bathroom walled off. Since you are a builder and built this yourself I have a few questions if you would oblige me 🙂

    1) How much does your TH weight?

    2) How much would you estimate it would cost to floor, frame/insulate and roof the main structure? I like the one sided shed style roof with the back wall 10′ or more sloping down to 9′ or something around that.

    My goal is to get the trailer of course. Then proceed to totally build the structure finished outside and then move in and work on how I want it as I live there and decide what will work best. Honestly a giant open blank room is what I want with a small loft area over the neck. No lofts on the inside but I have thought of a floating attic of sorts for added storage overhead.

    I am thinking 240+ square feet will be plenty for me. Currently I live in a 1800 sq ft 3 bedroom house and I can’t for the life of me think WHY? I use the top of my big frig I no longer use as my pantry, already switched to little ref/freezer, only go in my bedroom at night to sleep, only use one toilet and shower, only sit in one chair and only use dished that fit in my drain pan. So essentially I ALREADY live the tiny life I just have to walk a lot further to get to the few things I actually use!!!

    I’m going through things and downsizing now as I am about to sell my house. I’m done paying bankers and insurance and high taxes and high rent. Going to be mobile and secure and free.

    In this day and age when people on average only work someplace 3-5 years before changing jobs how can anyone commit to a 30 year mortgage? If anything happens to your job and you are in an area with no work you are screwed. With a paid off tiny house if I lost my job I could work any minimum wage job and get by without breaking a sweat till I got something better.

    Sorry for the rant lol.

    I think someone I recently heard say something struck home with me. “I want to get rid of the stuff in my life that I work to buy and pay to store in this thing called a house. And instead put those resources into experiences and living, traveling and being stress free.” This is so true in the end you can’t take anything with you and it is all just crap we drag around out entire lives sometimes never using at all.


    • Hi Bo!
      Your tiny house project sounds exciting! I would either put the bathroom at the tail end with a storage loft above and a galley kitchen next to it or… Do a bath kitchen layout like tumbleweed’s or Macy miller’s.
      1) no idea how much our house weighs, we’ve always moved it on Sundays when scales were closed, would guess between 8,000-12,000 lbs.
      2) cost depends on if you do the work yourself… Someone else could build it dried in for 18-22k with an $8k new trailer, or do it yourself for 8-10k with a $2k used trailer…. Maybe? Just guessing.
      Best of luck! Let us know if we can be of service!

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