Tiny House Drywall Trim Method Revealed!

We decided, since we’re not really building many tiny houses ** to reveal our big drywall secret that we used when we built our tiny house!

We used a product called TrimTex Magic Corner in lieu of conventional joint tape / mesh.  Magic Corner is an expansion bead made for vaulted ceilings where drywall joints almost always crack.  It’s plastic with a rubber expansion panel that can flex, if necessary.  We used it on every joint.  It wouldn’t be great on outside corners, fyi…

Tiny house drywall trim to allow for expansion - Trim Tex Magic Corner.

Tiny house drywall trim to allow for expansion – Trim Tex Magic Corner.

Tiny house drywall trim - Trim Tex Magic Corner - installation instructions.

Tiny house drywall trim – Trim Tex Magic Corner – installation instructions.

Sorry we kept it a secret for so long…

This guy was upset:

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 5.16.32 PM

This guy was annoyed by the trade secret… A comment which I did not approve, for obvious reasons. I was tempted to blog his address too!  Who calls a complete stranger an idiot?  This guy.

Just happened to get that comment days after Shane and I decided to post our secret drywall weapon.

** We’re not building tiny houses because, let’s face it, Tiny Housers are way too thrifty to pay someone $48,000 when they can scavenge and learn and toil themselves and spend only $10,000 – $20,000.  Also, we’re so busy designing and building regular sized projects!  Which is wonderful to be busy again after a few slow years.





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11 thoughts on “Tiny House Drywall Trim Method Revealed!

  1. georgemauro

    you guys were the JFK and Jackie of tiny homes. Sorry to see you leaving.

    • Well thanks for all the great comments now and in the past. But we will be moving back into the tiny home until our house is finished and then we will still be keeping it as a guest home and if we decide to winter south we will take it with us.

  2. Thanks for the great drywall tip. I remember reading that guy’s comment and wondering how he could have missed the *lack* of molding, lol. Ah, well.

  3. I agree with ‘Oliver’…that guy who commented was pretty rude if you ask me….heading into troll territory 😦

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  5. JJ

    Hi- Thanks for sharing this drywall fix. I just love white-white (less expensive) drywall bordered with (more expensive) heavy wood trim. My question is this – – On my 40-year old (but nice) normal-sized stick-built house, I have thin diagonal cracks off the corners of several second-floor doorways. This are is on an alluvial plain known for some (generally benign) settling. SO: can I (spakle?) the cracks with TRIM Texas Magic Corner and repaint? Thanks!!!

    • the magic corner can only be installed on edges of drywall sheets, as the edges are recessed and the trim has a thickness – it’s not really made for open field areas of drywall. you could try a silicone caulking that can be painted over…

  6. Rici

    Silicone is NOT paintable! Try some other caulk instead, like siliconized acrylic latex caulk. Make sure, it says “paintable” on it to prevent a world of trouble from peeling paint!

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  8. Thanks for this added piece of information on trim. I’m gathering idea as we look into building a tiny house, and this will definitely be in the mix.

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