Beehive Mini Mart: More Photos

We finished and delivered the Beehive Mini Mart tiny house a few weeks ago, but I wanted to share a few more photos:

I think I already posted this photo in the recent post about moving the tiny house… but I love it!  So I am forcing you to look at it again!  Because I can.  The ominous clouds… the irony of the “colorful” colorado sign on a gray day…

The tiny house on the move: at the Colorado-New Mexico border.

The tiny house on the move: at the Colorado-New Mexico border.

the finished tiny house at night...

the finished tiny house at night…

Look at the beautiful symmetry and wonderful oversized steps that make this porch a fabulous spot to sit and hang out.


the adorable tiny house porch railings!


the tiny house from the … front? back? the hitch end anyway.

A utility closet built on the trailer tongue houses propane tanks, etc.  The large window on the side slides open and will be the serving window for customers looking for the perfect cappuccino.  Or pint of local honey.  Or…  t.b.d.


the finished interior of the tiny house. beetle kill / blue-stain pine. engineered wood flooring.

What would you use this mobile tiny store for?  A community reading room?  A coffee shop?  I’m curious!  Let me know in the comments below.

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18 thoughts on “Beehive Mini Mart: More Photos

  1. Jen Crans

    It’s beautiful Carrie. What a nice job. Love it!

  2. Azureblue

    Outstanding! You will change many people’s lives for the better 😉

  3. A coastal vegan cafe . . . my dream . . .

  4. a holistic pharmacy

  5. Wow, I love the details it reminds me of an old Victorian home on the exterior yet inside is cozy and rustic. Love the different styles.

  6. Question on the building of the Beehive. I notice that you did not make the walls come all the way out to the edge of the trailer. Is there not a problem with water sitting on that little edge and rotting out the bottom of all your wood?

    I really love your Tiny House design. My husband has physical limitations and can not climb in/out of a loft, he also finds it near impossible to climb off the end of a bed. Your design is the first I have ever seen that would enable him to roll sideways out of a bed. This Finally makes it possible for us to follow a design and build a much wanted weekend getaway home to place on some remote land we have. I see on your shop page that you do not yet have the plans available for sale. Is that a goal for the future?

    • Hi and thanks for the comment!
      on the Beehive we installed a sloping trim piece at the exterior base of the walls to shed water.

      I am planning on selling plans via the site in the future, for now they are available if you contact me directly. I also have some plans designed with accessibility in mind that are a little wider and easier to get around, send us an email via the contact form if you’re interested!
      – Carrie

  7. Bettina Johnson Larsen

    Mobile Library!

    • Yes! I would love that – a little library and reading room… with coffee and tea… and table outside under umbrellas….

  8. Amazing! I just love this idea – I mean, how much space does one person actually need? I have a friend and his mom is divorced with one kid (who is grown) and she lives in a 12 room “mini-mansion” – never has people over – probably only uses a fraction of the space she actually lives in!

  9. Wow this is cool…especially when built out out of cedar…neat!

  10. I have a dream. A tiny house very much like yours for my home, and another tiny structure like this one for my business office for a motorcycle trailer business I would love to start up. (selling motorcycle cargo trailers, campers, hitches and other related accessories). 🙂

  11. Mike

    How about a food co-op center, where people can bring their products in exchange for others.

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  13. I really enjoyed your articles. Congrats on completing this. Would be lovely if you posted more frequently. Personally, I recently joined the Tiny House Movement and am enjoying every bit of it.

    If fact, my love is so great that i personally built a picture site dedicated to the tiny house movement. You can share all your Tiny house living pics from your building process to plans used, for the benefit of others just joining our movement and to attract readership back to your awesome blog. What do you think? I really would love to know.

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