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Beehive Mini Mart: More Photos

We finished and delivered the Beehive Mini Mart tiny house a few weeks ago, but I wanted to share a few more photos:

I think I already posted this photo in the recent post about moving the tiny house… but I love it!  So I am forcing you to look at it again!  Because I can.  The ominous clouds… the irony of the “colorful” colorado sign on a gray day…

The tiny house on the move: at the Colorado-New Mexico border.

The tiny house on the move: at the Colorado-New Mexico border.

the finished tiny house at night...

the finished tiny house at night…

Look at the beautiful symmetry and wonderful oversized steps that make this porch a fabulous spot to sit and hang out.


the adorable tiny house porch railings!


the tiny house from the … front? back? the hitch end anyway.

A utility closet built on the trailer tongue houses propane tanks, etc.  The large window on the side slides open and will be the serving window for customers looking for the perfect cappuccino.  Or pint of local honey.  Or…  t.b.d.


the finished interior of the tiny house. beetle kill / blue-stain pine. engineered wood flooring.

What would you use this mobile tiny store for?  A community reading room?  A coffee shop?  I’m curious!  Let me know in the comments below.

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