Beehive: Exterior Siding and Roofing

Here’s the latest series of photos showing our construction progress on the Beehive Mini Mart Tiny House / Store:

Beehive Tiny Store: installing high temp metal roofing underlayment

Beehive Tiny Store: installing high temp metal roofing underlayment

130301_painting fascia MB and Shane

Beehive Tiny Store: Housewrap is installed, windows are masked and we’re painting the exterior trim.

Beehive Mini Mart: Michael removing masking over the windows

Beehive Mini Mart: Michael removes masking over the windows.

130305_siding and windows porch roof

Beehive Mini Mart: Siding is installed, ready for batten strips.  You can see our gray stain color samples sitting on the ground.  We finally decided on a darker stain reminiscent of old weathered mountain cabins.

130314_stained siding mtl roof

Beehive Mini Mart: Batten strips installed, siding stained, metal roofing installed. The exterior is pretty much complete!

130314_stained siding time lapse

Beehive Mini Mart: Exterior siding is stained, window trim is installed. The big window on the side slides open so patrons can be served outside; food-cart style. The shed structure on the trailer hitch will house propane for the store’s heater as well as future PV solar system batteries.

Beehive Mini Mart: next we move on to the interior where we will install full height wall shelves, counters, and a fridge and freezer.

Beehive Mini Mart: next we move on to the interior, where we will install full height wall shelves, counters, and a fridge and freezer.

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12 thoughts on “Beehive: Exterior Siding and Roofing

  1. Victoria

    Is that T-111 siding with batton? I’m still deciding on cedar lap or this look…..decisions….decisions….decisions!

  2. Love the batton and board on this little mart-to-bee!

  3. Great work, also wanted to congratulate you on your wonderful blogging abilities. I have read tons of blogs over the years. I love your short and simple writing with some of the best pics ever! I use to blog and just don’t have time anymore so my hat is off to you 🙂 I plan on having somebody built my tiny house someday, so far I am very pleased with your workmanship and work ethic. Good luck and I will be in reading 🙂

  4. Dave M

    Looks great! It does look like T1-11 with battens on it. That will work in dryer climates, but here in the Northeast, you *really* need to look after your paint, and be *very* careful of your Z flashing. It’s really wet here, and it will rot very quickly if you don’t pay attention.

  5. Rich

    agree with Dave M. Looks good but not for long in a wet(ter) climate, especially with no roof overhang. Back-priming might help save the decorative battens. Does anyone have a rain-screen detail that is practical for a mobile tiny house?

  6. ET

    Nice work!

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  8. Would love to know a ball park figure to have this built. I have ideas for something similar but sort of done with construction at this stage in life . . .

    • Something similar would be in the $28k – $35k range.
      we’d love to help you flesh out your ideas and give you a quote!
      I hear you on the construction – it is heavy, loud, and sharp! Shane’s so good at it though.
      – Carrie

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