Tiny House Interior: Decorating

Well, seeing as it’s the fourth month of winter, I figured it was time to make some insulated curtains for our tiny house that we have been living in since May 2012.  Of course, I’ve been thinking about the curtains since… oh, maybe October of last year, but I was stalled because I couldn’t decide what color they should be.

Since it’s a small house, everything needs to relate, so I didn’t want to just add a new color or pattern.  I finally decided to go with a color scheme of gray and yellow throughout the house and I really like how it’s turned out!

Tiny house roman shade curtains in the closed position.

Tiny house roman shade curtains in the closed position.  Curtains are lined with quilt batting to provide insulation from the cold winter weather.

Tiny house roman shade curtains in the open position.

Tiny house roman shade curtains in the open position.

Our custom couch cushions were already gray, and the yellow is a nice dose of color without being overpowering.  Any dark or bright color just seemed like too much for the small space.

First, I went shopping… and found a bunch of fabrics to use in grays and yellow.  I ended up using a shower curtain for the tall roman shades in the living room and a duvet cover for the long window above the couch.

Tiny house interior: Kitchen and new curtains.

Tiny house interior: Kitchen and new curtains.

I’m still pondering how to finish off the curtain over the couch… maybe I’ll make it into a roman shade as well.  I just wanted to get it up there so it could start insulating us from the cold winter weather.

Tiny House bedroom: yellow and gray duvet cover.

Tiny House bedroom: yellow and gray duvet cover.

I also felt compelled to take a perfectly good lamp shade and destroy it!  In order to make a new, more industrial lamp shade for our bedroom light fixture.  This is just a ceiling mount light bulb with a lamp shade installed upside down.  When I deconstructed the shade I found our favorite galvanized metal!  So I left that exposed and sewed the new fabric shade to the inside of the metal frame with clear fishing line.  Here’s a close-up photo:

Tiny House lamp shade light fixture in the bedroom.

Tiny House lamp shade light fixture in the bedroom.

Cozying up in the Tiny House bedroom on a snowy evening.

Cozying up in the Tiny House bedroom on a snowy evening.  Our clothes hang under the bed in a half-height closet.  We access the bed via steps on both sides.

Tiny House in the snow: view of the roman shade curtains from the outside.

Tiny House in the snow: view of the roman shade curtains from the outside.

Hope all is well with everyone!  We’re also still making progress on the Beehive Tiny Store and I’ll post photos of the roofing soon!  Happy end of February…

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19 thoughts on “Tiny House Interior: Decorating

  1. georgemauro

    You do nice work.

  2. Christina Wahlen

    Love it! It’s always fun to see what you are up to.

  3. Really like the color scheme! Kind of biased toward yellow being that’s my fav color and all. Gray goes well with it.

  4. Christy Larsen

    I LOVE your creativity sister!! You are amazing!!!

  5. Ann

    Love the curtains! Love your entire home! 🙂 It is so awesome. Practical question though…how do you keep your water supply from freezing?

    • thank you!
      heat tape. on the inlet hose and the outlet (graywater). I think it’s using a lot of electricity which is a bummer, but it works, the water doesn’t freeze.

  6. Cindy

    Looks alot more cozy & comfy with the new fabrics!! Really like it!

  7. Looks great! I need to employ that color scheme idea. It always helps bring spaces together.

  8. Pat

    Nice! Think I’ll stop by for a cozy cup of coffee. 🙂

  9. Dave M

    I wanted to pose this question to you guys personally. You’ve now been in the house for close to 10 months, and have moved once. In this time, have you found that you’ve met, or are meeting your personal and financial goals of tiny house living? What’s the most surprising, or pleasant thing about your new lifestyle? What have you found to be the most difficult adjustment?
    Having been in construction in the past myself, my tools were stored at home or in my garage, and I sometimes worked out of it as well. How does tool storage and work space mesh with the tiny house not really having room for that?

    • hi Dave,
      great questions. as you surmised, lack of space for tools and projects has been our most difficult adjustment. Shane has a tool trailer where he stores his construction tools and we have the good fortune of being able to use part of a shed on the land we’re renting from our family. My project stuff is still in storage which is a bummer – nothing dampens creativity like not having my supplies, or ample space to do projects! I am looking to use a spare room in a friend’s house in town as a studio but this is a real problem with tiny living.

      I guess the solution is community. dangit. it is harder to be totally self-reliant in a tiny house, but then maybe complete self-reliance isn’t all that healthy anyway! living small will force you to branch out and borrow or share spaces for less frequent living activities like art projects, building projects, vehicle maintenance, exercise, etc. etc.

      the thing I like the most about our tiny house is the great lighting – windows are never more than 7′-0 away! perfect daylighting. it’s also very cozy and easy to keep warm in the winter.
      – Carrie

  10. I’ve also thought about that. I too have tools and equipment that I would find hard to part with. I have already decided that a “shed on wheels” would be my answer to that and possibly even double as a workshop as well. I can easily see something the same size as most tiny houses be a third storage and two thirds shop area. Of course, if I were to move to a different location that would mean two trips but I wouldn’t anticipate it happening often enough for that to be an issue for me.

  11. Bettina Johnson Larsen

    Really nice 🙂

  12. Mollie

    Opening this late as I have been away from my email. You really do great work, but I must say that the best “design” is the dog! I love him!

  13. That was an EXCELLENT choice. So tasteful.

    The snow is cool. I built my Tiny in the Midwest to withstand Minneapolis weather. I’ve since moved to a warmer place and have not had the joy of snow on my windows. I kinda miss it.

  14. eriktinyhouser

    Very Tasteful.

    I kind of miss the snow. I built my Tiny In the Midwest, super insulated to deal with Minnesota winters. Now my Tiny has gone rolling down the road to warmer climes, and I don’t have snow. I kind of miss it.

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  16. Cathy Gage

    The curtains are absolutely beautiful. A good reminder that we have to do some inside insulating in the winter months as well as outside.

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