Starting the Beehive Mobile Mini Mart . We have the trailer!

We have the trailer for our client’s project: The Beehive Mobile Mini Mart!  Very exciting.  We’ll be starting the build next week and at last I’ll have something exciting to blog about again!  And You all will have another build to follow along on!  And our client will have a new mini mobile business!

Trailer for Clothesline Tiny Home's new client project: Beehive Mobile Mini Mart.

Trailer for Clothesline Tiny Home’s new client project: Beehive Mobile Mini Mart.

We had this trailer custom built to have integral jack stands as well as a full width 8′-0″ wide platform.  Framing and anchor bolts will be a breeze with this wider foundation.

The trailer is 8′-0″ wide by 16′-0″ long and the store will be 14′-0″ long with a 2′-0″ deck on the rear.  You can read more about the design of the tiny store and Clothesline’s client in this previous blog post.

New Trailer for Clothesline's upcoming project: Beehive Mobile Mini Mart.

New Trailer for Clothesline’s upcoming project: Beehive Mobile Mini Mart.

You can follow along with us when we start building next week.  Search “Beehive” here on our blog or click on the ‘Beehive Mini Mart’ category in the right hand column.

Getting this trailer reminds me of when we bought our trailer to build a tiny house for ourselves.  The trailer was used and required quite a bit of work to convert it from a car hauler to a foundation for a house.  I am a fan of re-purposing, but when it comes to the foundation for a structure…we’re excited to start the build on a new, clean slate.

Take care and stay posted…

– Carrie

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5 thoughts on “Starting the Beehive Mobile Mini Mart . We have the trailer!

  1. anotherkindofdrew

    Very cool. Very cool. I would love to talk more about this (I think I remember a sketch some time ago) on the podcast coming up next week. I think folks would love to hear about how y’all are turning your home into a business. Can one of y’all email me or FB some quick facts?

    Y’all seriously rock!

  2. This is awesome! Congrats on the client. Can’t wait to see how this turns out. Hope you two (and your dog!) are doing great!

  3. Very cool – looking forward to seeing the beginning of your business!

  4. very cool. I like that you will have added strength by having the full 8′ wide deck. I assume a “normal” trailer with a narrower deck (like many, and like yours) you would cantilever the floor framing out just a few inches to make that 8′. I have the ebook from PAD tha shows the floor framing fitting inside the deck framing that makes it a narrower tiny house. I would want all I get out of the width without going over the legal limit for the road. One reason I like how you did your tiny house! 🙂

  5. yeah! can’t wait to follow the building of this- the trailer looks beautiful (esp compared to the before pic of the trailer for your house- :)!) what a breeze- yay!

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