Winter in our Tiny House – Big Snow!

Winter in our Tiny House

Winter in our Tiny House

Hooray, I think I am finally going to be able to post these photos!  For some reason wordpress kept deleting my totally awesome blog that I was writing with photos of our house in our first blizzard this past Sunday.  Grrr.  Technology.  Sorry for that blank blog post that went out.

Anyway, it snowed!  Quickly and coldly…  5″ or so in an evening and down in the single digits at night.  We stayed quite cozy inside with our propane heater / fireplace and our plants even survived out in the cold frame.  Amazing.

Winter in our Tiny House

Winter in our Tiny House

Winter in our Tiny House - view of the snow from inside the living room

Winter in our Tiny House – view of the snow from inside the living room

Winter in our Tiny House

Winter in our Tiny House  – the snow piles up on our cold frame greenhouse

Winter in our Tiny House

Winter in our Tiny House – the best part: Our Christmas Tree!  A perfect tree happened to be growing in our front yard.  That glowing structure is Santa’s conestoga wagon!  Haha.  That’s our greenhouse / cold frame with a grow light.

Winter in our Tiny House - O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree....

Winter in our Tiny House – O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree….

Hope everyone is staying warm and well.  Happy Holidays!!

– Carrie

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14 thoughts on “Winter in our Tiny House – Big Snow!

  1. donna marie haukaas

    Lovely! Happy Holidays you two!

  2. anotherkindofdrew

    The greenhouse looks great. Are y’all growing food in there? And using a grow light. Brilliant! Happy holidays to y’all.

    • We are growing food in there! Mesclun lettuce blend, spinach, broccoli, and carrots. Though so far only the spinach and lettuce has grown enough to be harvested. It’s really good lettuce though!

  3. Pat

    “Cold frame”, how appropriate is that?! Love the Christmas tree and Rio’s special doggie holiday glow eyes as he poses in the living room window!

  4. And I was just going to ask how you-all were handling cooler weather. What timing! Do you find you can turn off the heater overnight after warming the place in the evening or do you have to run it a bit during the night?
    Nothing like the single digit temps to test how well a place is insulated. I ride a motorcycle all year in central Iowa and know a thing or two about personal insulating/heating. My personal best lowest temp for riding (and the current record on my mc forum, though I know some have gone colder) is -15.7*F (minus fifteen point seven)! And I was comfy during that midnight ride… at least most of it. It was about 3 hours long.

    • Hi Bob! wow, -15.7… crazy cold to be riding! you must have heated gear??
      the house is insulated really well! no icicles! we’ve been trying out the heating situation at night… leaving it off is best. it’s chilly in the morning, but it heats up fast. and it’s too hot with the heater on at night, so we’ve found it’s best to run the heat high right before we got to bed, then shut it down. it is SO easy to keep a tiny house warm and comfortable.

      • yeah, I do have heated gloves on a variable controller. But other than that it’s all insulated layers. I leave the small car for my wife. She doesn’t like driving the bigger van (gas guzzler).

        So, yoga in the morning? 🙂

  5. Victoria

    Wow… is condensation etc? What about cooking and shower moisture? I’m in a converted shed and have massive moisture issues!!
    I just love your tiny house……I was re reading your construction blog….what kind of siding is that again? I like that you can build a little something under the hitch to store stuff…..I’m trying to decide between a regular hitch and a fifth wheel….what made you choose the fifth wheel? And where did you get it?

    I love your little cold frame and lighted tree…..awesome!!

    Best wishes!

  6. that is so cool!!

  7. Just noticed that Shane also has holiday glow eyes in that shot.

    Living in central Iowa, where it does sometimes snow a lot in the winter, I’ve gotten to noticing what homes are well insulated or not by looking at the roof. A home with not enough insulation upstairs will melt snow a bit faster on parts of the roof so that you can see exactly where the rafters are running, even while the snow is still falling sometimes. Most houses around here are less than adequately insulated under the roof. A well insulated home will keep the snow blanket longer and it will stay very even across the roof. I see that your tiny house looks to be very well insulated based on that evidence. The only melting I see in the pictures is directly around the heater exhaust… where it should be.

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  9. Noticed there’s a chance of snow out your way today already. Getting cooler here too but not as cold as where you are at night. Really like that photo here from inside your living room of the snow outside. Looks warm and inviting inside. I’m sure it will be again this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

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