Futuristic + Modern Tiny Homes

I’ve been coming across of lot of “modern” / “futuristic” tiny structures lately and thought I’d share them with you for some out-of-the-tiny-box tiny house inspiration:

Modern Houseboat .

‘Thesayboat’ by Marek Ridky of the Czech Republic, ‘the houseboat built with a clear vision which can be summarized in Corbusier’s assertion that “human habitation should be a cell with a view of the stars”.’

Modern Houseboat: Thesayboat by Marek Ridky

Thesayboat Modern Houseboat in architecture  Category

‘Thesayboat’ modern houseboat from Czech Republic designer Marek Ridky of Flowhouse.

Check out Thesayboat’s facebook page to see all the press they’ve received, or see more great photos in this Design Milk article about Thesayboat houseboat.  I wish I knew what kind of fireplace that was!  Looks beautiful and functional.

Surreal Suspended Tea Pod .

“Flying Mud Boat” is a tea house that seems to hover in mid-air.  by Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori.

Suspended from tension cables, the “Flying Mud Boat” is a sculptural creation of natural materials and forms.

The curvaceous earthen interiors of the suspended tea pod: Flying Mud Boat by Fujimori.

While the name “Flying Mud Boat” is not the most sensual sounding… this earthen plaster structure is curvaceous and beautiful.  Click the photos to go to the full Dornob article with more photos.

Futuristic Floating Home .

Trilobis 65 by Giancarlo Zema, a conceptual floating house / ship, is designed to be self-sufficient and non-polluting.

Futuristic floating home / ship designed by Giancarlo Zema can cruise the open seas or hover in a marina.

Inspiring conceptual drawings of the Trilobis 65 futuristic floating home designed by Giancarlo Zema.

Again, click the photos to read more and see the incredible conceptual renderings of this four-story floating capsule.  The lowest level is a totally submerged glass observation room, which would be awesome … unless you’ve seen ‘Jaws’….  🙂

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2 thoughts on “Futuristic + Modern Tiny Homes

  1. wow! those are so interesting! people are so creative! i love that!

  2. Cathy Gage

    Carrie you were wondering what kind of stove that is on the houseboat…I think it is a Jotul

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