Clothesline Tiny Homes has a New Project!

Shane and I are so excited because we are working with a client to design and build a mobile super mini mart!  It will be called the Beehive Mobile Mini Mart and it will be styled like an old Colorado mountain cabin.  The client plans to travel with the home around Colorado selling organic food and local honey.

For those of you who have caught the Tiny Fever I’m sure you relate to the obsession with dreaming up all sorts of structures that can be built on trailers.  A mini store is a great idea, especially with the wildly popular trend of  mobile food carts.

Our starting point with the design of the mini store was the OR mobile ski lodge, designed and built by a close friend of our client.

OR’s mobile ski lodge on the road.

Our client has actually spent a week in the OR ski lodge and he loved the rustic charm of the home.

We set about recreating that rustic charm and weaving in Beehive inspired detailing.  Here are a few design drawings of the Beehive mini mart so far:

Clothesline Tiny Homes’ preliminary design of the Beehive Mobile Mini Mart.

Clothesline Tiny Homes' preliminary design for the Beehive Mini Mart.

Clothesline Tiny Homes’ preliminary design for the Beehive Mini Mart.

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13 thoughts on “Clothesline Tiny Homes has a New Project!

  1. Marsha Cowan

    Check out stand needs to be near the exit (former business owner here). Where it is now located is asking for shoplifting. Otherwise, adorable and appealing. I would shop there.

    • Is 8 feet away near the exit?? this place is only 14′-0 long (exterior) so even having the register on the back wall places it near the exit. good point though!

    • Holly

      How do I get information about your tiny house, Marsha? It is adorable!

  2. that is soooo awesome!!

  3. Like it! Just had a thought…
    Maybe the pattern on the end wall is raised. And for the filled in cells, as you show them, use translucent yellow panels with LED lighting behind? Just thought that would look kind of neat.

    • that would be cool! maybe not very rustic mountain cabin, but could be a cool contrasting design element…

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  5. michael

    i’d keep an eye on the guy outside with the green jacket…..looks to me like he’s covering for the guy walking into the store carrying the bag!!!!

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  8. Lizzie

    2014 is the year i get my tiny mobile restaurant from a dream to a reality so I’m happy to begin seeing precedents that will help convince the powers that be to make my business legal. So on that note: I often read that owners cannot be insured; might you have any info to share about how such units can be pulled if it is desired to do so on a daily basis. Lets say from a professional kitchen to serving sites, like is mandated with many food trucks, without daily risk of non-insurable liability. Or even if someone sideswipes or rear ends my tiny $ maker. I realize these are questions for an insurance co., but without details to give the about my future structure its hard to make an informed risk/reward decision. Any experience on this front yet? What does the mini mart plan to do? The ski hut with all the risk of snow driving as well?

    Because of need for practical mobility, your idea of sheet wall and flexible joint tape is exciting.
    Would this also be lighter for gas mileage as apposed to all of the wood i see in tiny homes? The better maneuverability of the trailer a huge plus as well. Thank you for documenting the process and sharing it with all of us.

    I am taking the tiny building approach for a few reasons; one being the harsh heat and extreme cold in my area calls for insulation and a sheltered space that would keep customers at my counter while waiting for their order. On the porch and maybe a few fee inside at order counter utilizing a sliding glass door for accessibility. Although another poster mentioned they’d like a side door entry and that might make more sense for street curb business. But the comfort of a one person bench on each side of the rear facing door, inside and out, would keep at least four people from walking away from my eats and heading to the fast food lobby down the street.

    Another reason I really want tiny building instead of a truck is that if my business should fail, I ‘d like the option to pull out the stainless steel kitchen and retrofit the space for living. Either for myself or my mother. That is asking for a lot of planning know, but with the right designer potential obstacles can be avoided. The way you’ve done your spaces shows innovative talent. When it comes time for real design you are top of the list.

    Another important aspect of my reasoning is using the pitched roof for installation of solar panels. Maybe using the passive solar heat for some other aspect the operation.

    Thanks again for any answers or advice you can share.

    • we didn’t have any luck finding insurance for our tiny house, but we did hear that Lloyds of London would insure anything… not sure their rates. You’d think if it was a business you could get insurance easier?

      sounds like a great and exciting plan! and I like your thoughts about making it convertible into a tiny home after the business. in a cold climate it makes a lot of sense to provide serving space inside, maybe even a little counter with stools for dine in eating!

      best of luck to you!

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