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Tiny House Inspiration – A Small Modern Dwelling on the Navajo Rez

Hello everyone!

happy happy holidays and to all a good night.¬† ūüôā

I came across a really inspiring small house (not tiny… but still very small!) and wanted to share it with you all for inspiration…

Nakai House by University of Colorado students

Nakai House by University of Colorado students – Tiny Living in Style

So this house was designed and built by University of Colorado students in collaboration with DesignBuildBLUFF for a client who lives on Navajo tribal lands in Utah.  DesignBuildBLUFF is a non-profit organization located in southeast Utah that works with college students to help Navajos on the Indian reservation.

Nakai House by University of Colorado students – Interior

The plan is essentially an open rectangle with lots of glazing.  Nooks off of a storage wall house the bed, bathroom, and closet.  An upstairs loft contains a guest bedroom.

Nakai House by University of Colorado Students – ground floor plan and loft plan

The bedroom nook is exactly what they talk about in A Pattern Language.  Check out this previous blog for more pattern languages that apply to tiny house design and more details on why a bedroom nook is better than an entire room for sleeping.

Nakai House by University of Colorado students – Interior bedroom nook built into storage wall.

The client is a collector of artifacts and memorabilia so one interior wall is entirely composed of shelving used to display her prized possessions.  The house becomes a museum gallery and her collections take center stage, rather than piling up in closets.

Interior storage wall in Nakai House

The thing I can’t get over is how this project was built in 80 days for $25,000…¬† Apparently they don’t pay the students for their labor.¬† Still, even if that number only includes materials, it is remarkably low.¬† Impressive.

Nakai House by University of Colorado students

Nakai House by University of Colorado students

Photography is by James Anderson.

Check out this Dezeen article for more photos.

Hope all is well with everyone!  and have a wonderful Christmas!

– Carrie




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Winter in our Tiny House – Big Snow!

Winter in our Tiny House

Winter in our Tiny House

Hooray, I think I am finally going to be able to post these photos!  For some reason wordpress kept deleting my totally awesome blog that I was writing with photos of our house in our first blizzard this past Sunday.  Grrr.  Technology.  Sorry for that blank blog post that went out.

Anyway, it snowed!¬† Quickly and coldly…¬† 5″ or so in an evening and down in the single digits at night.¬† We stayed quite cozy inside with our propane heater / fireplace and our plants even survived out in the cold frame.¬† Amazing.

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Futuristic + Modern Tiny Homes

I’ve been coming across of lot of “modern” / “futuristic” tiny structures lately and thought I’d share them with you for some out-of-the-tiny-box tiny house inspiration:

Modern Houseboat .

‘Thesayboat’ by Marek Ridky of the Czech Republic, ‘the houseboat built with a clear vision which can be summarized in Corbusier’s assertion that “human habitation should be a cell with a view of the stars”.’

Modern Houseboat: Thesayboat by Marek Ridky

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Clothesline Tiny Homes has a New Project!

Shane and I are so excited because we are working with a client to design and build a mobile super mini mart!  It will be called the Beehive Mobile Mini Mart and it will be styled like an old Colorado mountain cabin.  The client plans to travel with the home around Colorado selling organic food and local honey.

For those of you who have caught the Tiny Fever I’m sure you relate to the obsession with dreaming up all sorts of structures that can be built on trailers.¬† A mini store is a great idea, especially with the wildly popular trend of¬† mobile food carts.

Our starting point with the design of the mini store was the OR mobile ski lodge, designed and built by a close friend of our client.

OR’s mobile ski lodge on the road.

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