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Clothesline Tiny Homes website additions

Hello everyone!

hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I wanted to show you a few additions I’ve been making to our website…

  • shop page – will feature goods and services we’re offering for sale.  hover over the ‘shop’ heading at the top of the website for options
  • publicity page – we’ve had the honor of being featured in several news outlets and I compiled them on one page so you can read the articles and view the video and photo tours of our home.

contact us for more info of goods and services and stay tuned for plans available for download.

take care,


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Clothesline Tiny Homes on Huffington Post!

Huffington Post just wrote an article about our tiny house!  Check it out by clicking the link.

The reporter really went a different direction with this story, and I like it!  You never know what portion of an interview is going to be published, or if the journalists will mock you (like one news anchor with ABC15 in Phoenix did)….but this was a really nice article by Amy Marturana of Huffington Post.

(Happy Thanksgiving too!  In addition to our wonderful families, friends, and our sweet followers here on the blog, I am so thankful for my husband, who persuaded me to make drastic changes and start this tiny adventure that we’re on…)

– Carrie

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Tiny Houses and Disaster Preparedness

Good morning, happy monday!

I am so happy to be working from home again this week after an ill-fated venture into substitute teaching.  (what was I thinking?!)  Does everyone pretty much know that substitute teaching is horrible?!  yeah, well, now I know too.  fortunately, pain is the touchstone of all growth, so any awful experience is bound to be highly instructive, and the past two weeks have indeed been revealing.  I am just not suited to teaching – any group larger than about 6 people causes a noticeable amount of anxiety, and ideally, I prefer to interact with 1-2 people at a time.  so.  until I find a school with class sizes of two students!  I will stick with design work.

I wanted to share a few interesting tiny house related links with you…

first: tiny house for rent!  this would be a great way to feel out if a tiny house is right for you.  I like how this place painted the walls white but left the ceiling natural wood.

Tiny House for rent – interior view.

secondly, I wanted to share a blog of a friend of ours who lives in Crestone, CO – a notoriously rugged and self-sufficient community in an extremely beautiful environment in southern Colorado.  Continue reading

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Clothesline Tiny Homes on Facebook

hey everyone!

we have had a facebook page for a while but have sort of left it alone… until today!  when I finally cleaned up our photo albums, added labels etc.

so check out our facebook page (and like us… if you’d… like.) especially check out the photo album of our entire build!  I hope it’s very informative.

hope all is well,


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