Tiny House Furniture Inspiration

Thanks for everyone’s comments on the last blog I wrote about entitlement.  Fascinating stuff.  On a lighter note….

I saw a really cool custom cabinetry unit online yesterday.  It combines a fold-down table and a Murphy bed.  This would work great in a Tiny House that was intended for more of an art studio / guest house and didn’t have a loft.

designed by Sarah Zames of General Assembly

you can read the whole post about the custom casework and remodel project here at Design Sponge.

There’s another company that makes fold down furniture like this too: Resource Furniture and their line called Space Savers has a wealth of folding furniture.  Their site has cool little videos of the furniture in action.

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4 thoughts on “Tiny House Furniture Inspiration

  1. Marsha Cowan

    AT first site, these duel function pieces of furniture and ascessories look good, but after 60 years on this earth, most of which has been lived in small houses way out in the country with no running water or electricity (until I was in my 20s, that is), I can tell you that after a time or two, the duel function becomes one, and whatever it is will “hang out” there all the time rather than be tucked neatly back into place after each use. I am building a tiny house now, and I contemplated putting folding tables, and hinged cabinets, and drawers, and the like to make more use of the space, but after turning around in that tiny space for the past year building it, I realized that I wanted as few moving parts as possible!! No drawers, just bins, charming cups, and baskets. No folding table, just a light small tray that will fit over my lap and then be put away like a dish would be. I want simplicity to the max, and when it comes to my bed, I want to be able to plop down in it any time of the day, not have to rearrange the rest of the furniture first, so I am going to accomodate a bed, not a hinged box. But then, that’s just me. To each his own.

    • hi Marsha! thanks for the comment! I totally agree with you. It is super annoying to have to work a Rubik’s cube every time you want to eat, work at the desk, or go to sleep. I could see folding furniture working great in a Tiny House that was more of an art studio or guest house. best of luck in your build! would love to see pictures.
      – Carrie

  2. Mechele

    Hi. Your “Entitlement” post is EXACTLY what I have been thinking and discussing with my hubby, but I don’t believe I could have articulated it quite as nicely as you! BRAVO!

    My husband, myself and our dog live in a 26 foot camper and have since October 2011. We were living on the road prior to that, but had a house to go back to. We travel from coast to coast doing art trade shows. Your tiny house is perfect for what we are doing! I would love to contact you about building one!

    Keep up the great posts!

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