Tiny House Progress: Moving Day, News Interview, and Interior Photos

Hello everyone!

Today has been a big day!  this morning we had an interview with the ABC channel 15 morning show from Phoenix.  It was very fun.  I’ll let you know when the segment airs and I’ll post it here too.

Also… we moved the house to our new site!  So exciting.  Feels quite surreal.  All the work, all the time, now it’s done and we can move in.

First, the interview photos: (I was going to film the anchorman filming us… but that seemed awkward.)

Getting interviewed by ABC channel 15 morning show.

ABC morning show’s anchorman who interviewed us about our Tiny House project.

I think the story is going to sound something like this:  “How big is your house?  This Arizona couple has decided to live in 204 SF – Downsizing to the extreme…”  Next reality show???  Downsizing to the extreme….

Driving from the shop in Prescott Valley to our new site in Prescott:

Driving our Tiny House to our new home.

Warm, curious welcome from the neighbor’s kid….

Neighbor’s kid checking it out.

Backing the tiny house onto the pad.

The view from the living room window.

The shade tree will be perfect for summer.

Shane relaxing after the big move.

And, I finally got some good interior pictures to show you all of the finish work we’ve been wrapping up the past week.

The kitchen and the door into the bathroom.

View into the living room from the kitchen.

The bathroom shower / sink.

The incinerating toilet and bathroom counter (not installed yet – will go above that cleat.) with mirror. The bathroom storage needs some finessing, but we”ll see what we need once we get moved in.

View of the bedroom looking toward the bathroom. Storage loft, towel racks and thrift store lamp shade.  Can cupboard storage in kitchen beyond.

Closet under the bed platform. Storage stairs on each side of the bed with shoe cubby and pull out drawers.  I’ll be  making a curtain for the closet doors.

Storage stairs leading up to the bed platform.

View of the kitchen with the bathroom pocket door closed.  Shane installed the fridge – you can see it’s stainless steel handle in this photo.

Home sweet home!  Now we just have to move our stuff over and set up house!  (the fun part.)  And move our furniture into storage and clean our big house that we’ve been renting.  (the not fun part.)

We’ll keep you posted on our first experiences in the new house and our segment on the news!  We”ll also be working on plans and pricing options for those looking for a tiny home of their own.  We’ll post those here on the site as soon as we carve out some time to compile all our research.

Hope everyone is well.  We’ll be having an open house here in Prescott soon, we’ll let you know when that is.  Would love for you to come on by for a tour!

take care, and thanks for following along in our adventures.

– Carrie (and Shane)

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49 thoughts on “Tiny House Progress: Moving Day, News Interview, and Interior Photos

  1. SOOOO AWESOME GUYS! Congrats! I bet that feels good!

    • It does feel good! Kind of surreal too… Can’t wait to sleep in it! You’re making great progress too Macy! So fun. We really have to meet up some where – you and Andrew and Crystal and us. Would be so fun.

      • That would be pretty awesome! Thanks for seeing some progress, sometimes it feels like it’s not really progressing fast enough 🙂

  2. georgemauro

    God bless you both! You made it! WOOHOO!

    • Thanks so much George! thanks for all your interest and encouragement from the start. When are you building yours??? 🙂

      • georgemauro

        When I finally start building, I won’t be building just one. I’m making my business plan now.

  3. Andrew Wilfong

    The place looks awesome Carrie and Shane. Looks like it would be a fun place to live and peaceful. With any luck we might make it to Phx this summer and we’ll have to come see you and your house. Now its time for a break. You deserve it. Take care
    The Wilfongs

  4. gfjam

    Congratulations….your new home looks so cozy, and truthfully, IT’S BEAUTIFUL. JUST BEAUTIFUL. I’m hoping your hearts will find comfort there…contentment, and a place of rest for your souls.
    Kath Phelps
    Sonoma County, California

  5. Pat

    It looks great and what a wonderful site you’re on. Can’t wait to see the news clip. Now, for a much needed rest break!
    We leave tomorrow in the ‘pod’ for family, friends and fishing. Drove the pod down the road and in town and everything went well. Now for the big road trip. We’ll keep you posted. Love to you both.

  6. megantdixon

    wahoo! congratulations clothesline tiny homes! now for the house warming party 🙂 in the meantime, wishing you days (meaning more than one!) of relaxation in the near future…

  7. Wow, finall7y :). What a fun experience you both are having. I can even feel the excitment from Los Angeles. BTW what is the bed size?

  8. Diana Larsen

    Congratulations you two!! What an accomplishment. So proud of you 2! The neighborhood looks great, nice scenery, kids etc. Now you can settle in and really get acquainted with your tiny home.

  9. Marsha Cowan

    I especially love the kitchen! But the whole house is awesome! It looks very comfortable. I will be intersted in how you spend all your spare time now that you don’t have to spend so mich time on house maintenance.

  10. Shelley

    What a cool home!!!! And I love the name. You have always liked clotheslines!!! And to think of all of the sensatioal backyards you can have with your new home!

    • Shelley! I knew this comment was from you even before seeing your email address because you used the word “sensational”. I love that. 🙂 I know – clotheslines! they’re great.
      hope you’re doing really well. miss you and think of you fondly very often.
      – Carrie

  11. Rachel

    Great work! We are tentatively planning a visit in late September (if all goes well with Mark’s work) to the area and hope to see it in person. Kudos to you and yours!

    • hi Rachel! would be awesome to see you and yours in September! Prescott is beautiful – though feels too hot too soon and Crown King is on fire…. but the air quality is better today.
      take care,

  12. Claudia

    It looks awesome and just perfect! Congratulations on completing and moving your home safely to your new location! Have loved all the progress photos and updates! Keep it up as you get settled.

  13. costahomestead

    Congratulations! It looks so cozy and comfortable. I really like how you guys designed the sleeping platform and incorporated storage into the steps and under the platform. That’s going to make a big difference. I really like the white walls with the wood trim, it makes it look very spacious especially since you have so many windows. The site looks lovely with all the trees, so many of those parks can looks so blah. Enjoy the move and even cleaning the rental, becuase remember it will be the last time that you are cleaning someone else’s house, you guys are homeowners now (homeowners without a mortgage at that). I can’t imagine the sense of freedom that you guys must be feeling with that knowledge alone. Can’t wait to see you all moved in and the house fully decked out and accessorized. By the way, I would have filmed the anchorman and crew filming, that would have been hilarious.

    • thanks for the comment! yes, it is really cozy and comfortable and the white really REALLY helps make it feel spacious. the ceilings just soar away and it feels quite spacious.
      take care,

  14. Steve

    Your site looks AMAZING. I love love love the pine trees and rocks….ooh and the sun, could do with some of that! So jealous!
    Good Luck guys, looks like you’ve got it made; maybe I should ship my bus to the USA from the UK!!!!
    Go well and welcome to “mobile living”.
    Steve. (from Bude in Cornwall)

    • Thanks so much Steve! it is a nice site. the photos don’t show how close it is to the neighbors though… that’s the one downfall. But it’s in a quiet, safe residential neighborhood, and really pretty granite boulder piles and trees. and tons of sun! welcome to Arizona. you should ship your bus! or come here and find a bus! much sunnier.
      take care, and thanks for the warm welcome to mobile living! it helps so much to know there are kindred spirits out there doing this thing called life in a different way from everyone else.

  15. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! The views are gorgeous!

  16. anotherkindofdrew

    Absolutely as beautiful as I thought it would be. I can’t wait to see and hear more as your adventure continues to unfold.

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  18. Donna

    Carrie, thanks so much for sharing your adventure with all of us. I look forward to seeing your business start and grow, as you both obviously are hard workers. Love your home…enjoy it!

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  21. mary miller-crews

    Carrie and Steve:
    Congratulations on following your own dream and being an example of consciousness and stewardship!
    Please keep us posted; I think that I could live in a tiny house if I had a large patio. I would like to have one built to live in Mexico.

    • hey MM-C, thanks for your support! really means a lot.
      a patio, and maybe even a screened porch?? So many options. It’s cool to start small – the basic core cell for living – and then really see if anything else is needed. We’d love to deliver one to Mexico for you! Are you near the beach?? 😉 check out “palapas” in Mexico – palm thatched round structures. really beautiful.
      stay posted for more plan options, as we get them uploaded.
      – Carrie

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  23. CS

    How much have you spent for this wonderful home?Or are you going to build this plan for sale?

    • Well spent a huge amount of time looking and finding deals to build our tiny home. And being a contractor myself a lot of company’s that I deal with gave me great pricing since this home was for us. We are selling this model complete turn key ready and I will be offering a dry-in model so you could finish out the interior your self.

  24. Wow! This is one of the coolest tiny homes I’ve seen so far. From the pictures it actually looks kind of roomy (at least by tiny house standards). Did you have any issues with the drywall when you hit the highway with it?


    • Hello Jeff,
      Thanks for your interest, we are loving our Tiny Home and it feels much larger inside then what the out side looks. As to the drywall it works great, but there is a method that I came up with so there our no tape joints. If there were any tape joints they would crack right away.

  25. Lupe Perez

    I love the house. I would want mine with solar panels. Could that be done?

  26. Carrie and Shane,
    I’ve been researching the small house movement for several years now and I must say that your house has really nailed it – functionally and aesthetically. The combination wood/drywall interior, the floor-plan, and the clean lines of the exterior demonstrate, in my opinion, the core values of the sustainable house movement. I look forward to following your progress and business development and would love to visit your home sometime in the near future. Greetings from Amish County in Pennsylvania!

  27. Taylor Schimkat

    Shane and Carrie, way to go on the tiny house life. Very efficient and attractively designed. I’ll be curious to hear if you find the tiny house life as simplifying and freeing as it purports to be.

    How do you handle the grey water? I’m also interested in the plusses and minuses of using an incinerating toilet – seems like the best (and maybe the only) realistic option for northern winters. I’d love to build one of these myself someday.

    • Hello Taylor,
      thanks for taking a look at our home. As to the grey water we have a holding tank that we can us or just hook a hose to the tank and run it out to a garden or sewer. Works great.
      Well the incinerating toilet we have not been all that happy with it and I will soon be posting a blog about what we think and ways to solve/or remove and install a better system.

      your friends at Clothesline Tiny Homes,

      • ST

        Please tell me about the hesitations on your incinolet!

      • I added a Search tool so you can search Incinolet / incinerating toilet to read all the blogs I’ve written about our experience with the Incinolet.
        hope that helps!

  28. Michelle

    I am truly in awe of your home. I have lived in nice, big homes while I was raising my kids and making really good money, but I am completely obsessed with the tiny house movement. Now that I am making 75% less money and living with a friend, I so much want a tiny house of my own. I just love living life simply – I actually love hanging laundry on a clothesline and raising a garden:) I just have no idea where to start or how to finance it. Thank you so much for giving me hope, though! I absolutely love your home.

    • Michelle,
      Thanks for your words, always good to here what other think. We are so happy with living in a Tiny Home, life really has become easier with the freedom of paying others to live life. Carrie and I just want to live life without the bills/dept that apply to most of this society. I will soon be doing a post on living the tiny home life so keep a watch.

      Your friends at Clothesline…

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  30. Love your house. Particularly love the large double windows but wondering why you didn’t go for either sliding glass doors or double glass doors which would have taken up the same space but could have opened up the house to the environment a little more for cross breezes and just a feeling of greater spaciousness? Would be great opening up onto a side deck

    • well… I did definitely draw a plan with the main entry to the side, with a large fold-down deck and the couch on the end.

      but, the reason we put the entry door on the gable end was so the side walls could be shorter (each stud is half a 12 footer = 6′-4″ wall height). we would have needed to raise the height of the house a foot or add a dormer over a side door, which would have killed the aerodynamics. which actually might not matter if you’re not moving the house much!

      functionally, a side door would work better inside. but construction efficiencies, overall height, and aerodynamics dictated the entry door being on the gable end.

  31. I am 56 yrs old and am tired of the rat race here in Boston. Have been following the tiny house movement before it was actually a movement!! LOL. I am so grateful for your post and will be following you for my inspiration. I will be doing what you two have accomplished. I lived in Phx for 17 yrs and would not might Prescott. Is there a community of tiny homes there?
    Thankx again for sharing your life…

    • Hi Jolene, thanks for the comment! I don’t know of any other tiny housers in Prescott, though there are ample mobile home and RV parks. We had no trouble finding a spot to park our tiny house as several folks in the area had the idea of putting in RV hookups and renting out a portion of their land for extra income. FYI, the RV park was NOT receptive to the idea of a tiny house!

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