Tiny House Progress: Wood Flooring, Finish Plumbing, Finish Electrical

Well…  (I can’t seem to find another way to start a blog entry)  Good morning!

We’re wrapping stuff up on the Tiny House.  And we have an interview with a news crew on Wednesday, so that’s exciting.

I had a big shopping day on Wednesday and got all the rest of the little finishing touches: a ceiling fan, a futon mattress for the couch, a shower curtain, hanging rods for the closet curtain and shower curtain, the final light fixture components, and light bulbs!  Our plumber was out yesterday connecting all the plumbing for our kitchen sink, bathroom sink, propane cooktop, and propane wall heater / furnace.

Also, Shane got the wood flooring installed:

We picked up some Formica laminate for $10 that will do until we can splurge for stainless steel countertops:

Laminate on the kitchen countertops.

I picked up a very small fan from Home Depot.  It’s so cute and funny how small it is!  But when it was installed, it doesn’t look that small anymore!

you can see one of the custom galvanized pipe light fixtures in the above photo.  I still need to get some close-ups of these.  They look pretty cool!  But actually not cheaper than buying light fixtures (from Ikea / China).

Here’s the fan in action:

The shower is a marvel of plumbing.  A tub/shower faucet converted to supply water to a sink and shower.

Sink and plumbing in the shower

Shane also got all the electrical up and working.  So glad nothing had gone wrong with the wiring in the walls… that would have been a bummer.  Here’s a pictures with our porch light all lit up:

The porch light is on…

Just a few finishing touches left.  Along with my day job, selling stuff on craigslist, packing up our house to donate stuff we don’t want and put some furniture in storage, we’re plenty busy.  But feeling good about it.  I just paid the utility bills here at the 1,200 sf house that we rent, and it was over $130 for a month of not using any heat…  Will be so nice to cut that down!

I had an exciting realization yesterday as I was leaving our big house and locking the door: “oh we won’t have this key anymore… my key chain will be so empty.  oh wait, we’ll have our own keys… to our own house!”  Awesome.

Hope everyone is well.  We’re planning to take the house out for a drive and a photo shoot tomorrow! We will attempt to do a video, but unfortunately, that is where my technical skills end.

take care,


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19 thoughts on “Tiny House Progress: Wood Flooring, Finish Plumbing, Finish Electrical

  1. anotherkindofdrew

    You’re cooking with gas now, huh? I mean metaphorically….and wait…literally. Yeah. All of the above! Woo-Hoo!!!!!

    • cooking with gas… love the 1950’s? reference!

      • anotherkindofdrew

        I am a traditional sort of guy. What can I say? Well, if it is any consolation, we started painting our exterior siding (LP SmartSide) yesterday and got 9 panels totally finished. One coat of primer (so the color will POP!) and one coat of SunGlow Yellow. We have 11 panels left and wouldn’t you know it is raining, raining, raining today. We start framing Wednesday so now I am looking at having to paint the remaining panels AND the trim on Monday and Tuesday. Hello carpal tunnel. My name is Drew!

      • hahaha. rain. well, are you using a roller on the panels? that helps with the wrists. but the trim. yeah, good luck with that! so exciting! you’re really doing it!

  2. megantdixon

    woot! lookin good. i dig the floors. can’t wait to see it all decorated 🙂 maybe you could do a showing in prescott one day? park it near downtown and do a little open house… i would come!

    • good idea Megan! we should definitely do an open house. we could also just invite you over if you want to see it. 🙂

  3. costahomestead

    So cool Carrie! I love the ceiling fan and your flooring choices. It will be nice when you can get your stainless countertops later. I can’t imagine how excited you guys must be!

  4. John

    Very nice touches, and that floor is beautiful.

  5. katie

    looks awesome Carrie – what a cool life event!! Oh, and the floors do look fab.

  6. Donna Haukaas

    What a beautiful tiny home. Congratulations you two! Have a great weekend. Love you, Auntie Donna

    • thanks Aunt Donna! I bet you wish you had one…. 😉 Ready to order yours next?
      Carrie (and Shane)

  7. OMG! It’s really happening!! AAAAAAHHHHH! I’m excited

    • I know! I’m so excited too Kat! can’t wait for you to come visit and stay in it. 🙂

  8. Loving it! the Formica looks really good.

    • Thanks! the laminate was $10. we had to do it. It actually works pretty well with the decor throughout, and Shane did a great job with the stacked plywood counter edges.

  9. Victoria

    Did you manufacture your shower? Looks stainless and I couldn’t find info on it….how big is your shower area….looks small…??

    • Yes I did custom make the shower and built it out of aluminum. And well it is a tiny home and I don’t thing the claw foot tube will fit! And as to size I’m 6’4″ and not that tiny and I fit just fine…


    • hi Victoria – also, the shower is 32″ square.

  10. I wish I could compose like you. Your message Tiny House Progress:
    Wood Flooring, Finish Plumbing, Finish Electrical | Clothesline Tiny Homes has pushed me to get off my butt
    and get some word out to the world. You have boosted my
    confidence just by writing so well.

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