Tiny House Progress: Shower, Furnace, Kitchen Cabinets

Well, we have been getting a lot done, in spite of getting waylaid yesterday.

We found wood flooring in stock in town, and Shane is installing that today.

All cabinetry is built and all the interior trim and cabinetry is clear-coated / sealed.

The shower surround and our bathroom sink is installed:

We were thinking of galvanized sheet metal, but Shane found this great sheet aluminum in stock in town and it looks beautiful, like stainless steel.  The white porcelain sink is for brushing teeth, washing face, etc.  The shower will have a faucet that can turn on the shower or the sink.

Shane built the drawers and doors for our kitchen cabinetry: (blurry photo, but you get the idea.)

We installed and painted the storage loft divider between the bedroom and the living room / kitchen:

Shane also got the heater / furnace installed.  Visible in the photo above and this photo:

Oh yes, look closely in the picture above.  Through the window….  See that word on the wall?  It says: “The Royal Bitch Parks Here.”  Haha.  That’s the better half of the trucking company we’re renting the shop from.  She’s really awesome and we love talking with her and her husband and the sign doesn’t really apply.  In my opinion…

What else: foam must have gold in it, they want $60 / yard for it.  So, having to re-think the upholstery for the couch.  The lighting is also hitting some glitches with products being available in town.  (wouldn’t recommend making your own lighting.)

Another shot of the deck:  more photos were in this post and this post.

Here’s our to do list for the week:

  1. Install wood flooring
  2. Finish Plumbing
  3. Finish Electrical: install lighting
  4. Couch cushions
  5. Install shower rod and closet rod
  6. Make curtain for closet, buy curtain for shower
  7. Finish exterior odds and ends
  8. Pack up the stuff we want from our current house and move it into storage
  9. Find storage unit
  10. Give away / sell the stuff we don’t want
  11. Drive house!
  12. Move onto our  new piece of land / rental property

I’m sure I’m forgetting something too!  Ack.  Just keep moving.

We’re almost finished!

take care everyone,


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16 thoughts on “Tiny House Progress: Shower, Furnace, Kitchen Cabinets

  1. I LOVE the shower, the sink in there is such a great idea! Good luck guys! I am holding my breath for you too with your timeline, you can do it!!

  2. Steve

    Looks great. OK 2 things: 1 is a question, 2nd is advice!

    1) OK the heater/furnace on the wall. We don’t get those here in the UK but I’ve seen a lot of them in pictures of wooden house trailers like yours in the USA. So: what is it?? Does it heat water? Or does it heat the room?? What does it run on, ….gas? electricity or 12volt?

    2) Regarding your lighting. I guess you will be using 12volt or 24 volt lighting as opposed to mains lighting??
    OK: IF you are using 12 or 24 volt whatever you do, MAKE SURE you buy lights with LED bulbs in them as they are WAY WAY WAY more efficient than standard 12 or 24volt bulbs AND they are MUCH MUCH MUCH brighter too. They emmit a white light as opposed to a yellow light. (Trust me I have the less efficient standard 12volt light bulbs.) And to give you an idea on power consumption I have 11 lights in my bus and if I had 12volt LED’s as opposed to normal 12volt lights I could run ALL 11 of my lights and they would use the same power as having just 1 yes 1 standard 12volt light! So LED’s it MUST be.
    Also….no matter what you have planned about never using mains electricity (if you have even decided that at all!) MAKE SURE that you wire in some normal MAINS VOLTAGE lights into your trailer, you may be going NO NO NO…..but trust me, there will come a time, like when you are parked outside a relatives house in winter and they offer you a mains connection…..you will be SO SO glad to have bright mains voltage lights! Food for thought there eh!!
    Go well Steve.

    • hi Steve, thanks for both your comments! really great stuff. in response:
      1) the wall heater is a heater for boats fueled on propane. it’s has a small flame inside, but heats via radiant heat. also, there is a small fan that can be connected to 12v power to run a fan to push the heat out further. they are expensive, but we have heard they are the best. and a good size for a small space. It’s made by Dickinson.

      2) thanks for the lighting tips! we are wired for 120v / standard elec. right now, we will convert to solar and 12v at some point in the future, when money presents itself. I did look into LED’s that screw into a standard light socket, but the one I found was SO dim. literally like 1 candle. So. I am planning on CFL’s, but I know that LED’s are so much more efficient. A guy I ran into at the hardware store lighting aisle was looking at them – a retired gentleman, maybe in his seventies, said that he’ll be in a box in the ground before his bulbs burn out! haha. After your email, I’m tempted to try another LED bulb, instead of CFL’s.

      • Dave M

        Steve, even though the price of a kwh is comparable to the UK, excluding taxes, the place is so small, I’d be surprised if their monthly bill exceeds $40, or so. If they park the trailer with that big window facing south, they’ll pick up some solar gain, and lower their bills a bit more.

      • We’re expecting our bills to be even lower than $40 a month. although, the incinerating toilet might be a huge energy user. 😦 (but city water uses a lot of electricity and energy to clean it and deliver it to users, and the toilet doesn’t use water) we’ll see. hopefully we can log it and post results!

  3. Victoria

    Breathe……your almost there……breathe….

  4. LOOKS FANTAISTIC! I really like the idea of a sink in the shower. Did you come up with that on your own or did you see examples elsewhere in life?

    Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing it with the rest of us!

    Fellow tiny house builder/owner,


    • hi Sheila! thank you. 🙂 I think we came up with it on our own… it just kind of made sense. and we’re modifying a tub/shower faucet set, which will be inexpensive. although I have seen small bathrooms that are entire showers, where the toilet and sink get wet with the shower on, and the whole floor is ready for water. that’s common in RV’s and boats. Tumbleweed designs theirs that way.
      would love to see your house! do you have pictures posted anywhere?
      take care,

      • Thanks for asking! 🙂 Here’s our website, which covers our building of our house and our journey to living more sustainable lives (we’re currently blogging about our simple life on bicycles, we’re on an around the world bicycle trip sans flying). Here’s the page about our tiny house and we have another section that covers all our posts & video documentation of building : http://2cycle2gether.com/other-projects/intro-to-tiny-house/

        We plan on finishing the interior design when we return in a few years. We’re hoping to gain a bunch of ideas for sustainable resource usage while on the road (and have already seen a few examples we like), so it will be interesting to see what we actually end up with on the inside of our home.

        Again, love seeing new, innovative ways to design these tiny houses…..thanks for sharing your story!

      • Very cool website Sheila! that is so great that you’re traveling the world on bicycles. wow. I feel lazy. 😉 and I bet you’re going to see some great ideas on simple living and resource usage. Necessity is the mother of invention so there are loads of ingenious solutions in “third world” countries.

        Best wishes to you in your adventures!

  5. Hey Carrie,

    Just starting the process of designing my own tiny and I’m a big fan of what you’ve done! That being said, I was hoping to get some details on the shower construction. What are the dimensions? Did you source one large piece of aluminum or cut it? I’m very new to this stuff and more details the better. Thank you so much!

    • Thanks for the accolades!
      our shower is a standard 32″ x 32″ pan with sheet aluminum paneling that we bought in sheets and had cut and bent at a steel shop. hope that helps!

      (steel shops are very handy on these projects, especially with used trailers that require customization…)

  6. Pamela

    Hi Carrie,
    I know this is an old post now and you are, excitingly, on to a new project, but I wonder if you could answer a few questions about your tiny house shower. Husband and I will start building soon and like your metal shower idea. In hindsight is there anything you would change about it. Would you do it again? Have you had any issues?
    Thanks for your time and good luck with your new house! You are not too far from us!

    • Hi Pamela!
      The sheet metal surround in our shower works great! It’s aluminum and maybe I’d spring for stainless I’d we had it to do again. The only problem we had was hard water staining from the well water in New Mexico. And soap left marks so it didn’t look super clean for long. We used a standard shower pan with a flange for tile, and sealed that behind with silicone. All vertical overlaps also sealed behind with silicone.
      If your shower is a standard size you might do an off the shelf plastic surround. I think that would be easier to clean.
      Best of luck!

  7. Mike

    I like your shower! Plastic surrounds eventually stain. Your aluminum probably only needs a good buffing and its as good as new. I’m considering a solid surface shower but Iv always wondered why 316L marine stainless isn’t used. I imagine its the ” keeping up With the Joneses” mentality and planned obsolesce.

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