Tiny House Interior Progress: Cabinetry / Deck

Hello there everyone. 🙂  We are just busier than a cat in a sandbox here.  (quoting my Dad, in honor of him and his 60th birthday today!!!  Happy birthday Dad.  We love you.  And you really do only seem 50.)

Shane’s been slaving away on the interior cabinets and trim and it looks awesome!  I finally got a break from my pesky job to go out and do some work on our house today.  (I am currently doing construction documents for 4000+ sf homes…ironic?  I’m actually glad to have work)

Without further ado, here are some photos of the cabinetry / millwork / casework / trim / etc…

Living Room – couch and window trim

Living Room – window trim

The window trim looks so amazing!  So many plys!  It looks so clean and square and really shows off the plywood.  I’ll get a close-up shot too if I think of it.

Living Room – Couch / Sofa… / Davenport

The built-in couch is going to be great.  tons of storage, built-in side tables that will eventually have some sort of fold-out desk surfaces.  You can see in the photo above the raw plywood, and the stained plywood (the back).  We’re clear-coating all the plywood to make it last, and keep it clean, etc.

Living Room and Kitchen

My next task is to sew some upholstered cushions for the couch.  I’m thinking a nice bright green…  The cubbies in the back of the couch are just that: cubbies.  more storage.

Kitchen cabinetry

2-burner cooktop on the left; sink on the right.  Fridge on the right under the counter.  After looking at the ginormous size of a convection oven, we decided to just do all our cooking in a toaster oven / convection / countertop oven.  It will be stored under the counter except when we’re using it.  Also – no freezer.  gasp.  I think it will be fine.  In our freezer right now we have one chunk of unidentifiable meat from a cow in Saquache County, Colorado from … 1997?  Shane?  And a frozen pizza.  And I usually burn through ice cream in one sitting.  If it doesn’t work, we will buy a mini freezer for under the counter.

View to the pantry cupboard in the kitchen

What else can I show you?  More deck photos:

Front Deck

Front of the house with the deck

In other news… we found a place to park it – here in Prescott.  A residential neighborhood with RV hookups added.  $300 including all utilities.  Awesome.  Next to some nice granite boulder piles.  Moving in … 11 days! ?  Oh man.  I’m having a hard time falling asleep at night there is so much to do – and even more to think about doing.  🙂

We’re ready to build the next custom tiny home!  so contact us if you’re interested!  We’ve been thinking of selling them “dry-in” too – which is framed, sheeted, roofed, w/ windows & doors – which the owner can then finish out to their liking and at their leisure.  As soon as I get some free time I’ll put some other plan options up – maybe an art studio plan, a guest cottage, and granny / mother-in-law cottage.  Any other small houses anyone needs designed and built?  🙂

take care – and keep the comments coming!  very motivating.

– Carrie

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17 thoughts on “Tiny House Interior Progress: Cabinetry / Deck

  1. Victoria

    I like the fifth wheel layout…what about special needs people….wheelchair, elderly, I myself am someday going the fifth wheel route because I can’t climb to a loft, chemical sensitive options, green options for insulation, solar, off grid options….I know you can do anything for a price but I think if your going to put together a catalog of options…those come to mind.

    • hi Victoria,
      great suggestions, we totally agree. a wheelchair accessible option would be great. we’re working on all the options you suggested. granted, we’ll have WAY more time to work on them when we’re done building this house! We’ll keep you posted…
      thanks for your comments,

  2. I’m glad to see you are working on my bed!!

  3. Dave M

    Eleven days? Ooof. All nighters ahead!

  4. Marsha Cowan

    Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! One of my biggest complaints about most of the tiny houses I saw built by individuals aronund the country was that after building an adorable outside, the inside was a trashy and disorganized mess. Lately, and especially yours, interiors are much more thought out and pretty. Liveability can be married to design and beauty. Your house proves it!

  5. Did you consider cracking in a mobile environment when you decided on drywall for your interior?

    • hi John, thanks for the comment! We did consider it. for weeks and weeks. we came up with a way to eliminate all tape joints, so there’s no potential for cracking at the joints. we’re pretty confident the panels themselves won’t crack.

  6. Diana Larsen

    I have thought of converting our shed to a granny/grandkids suite for years. Wouldn’t that be a fun hangout! I don’t know about having chickens for your next-door neighbors tho.

    • HaHa. Bock bock bock baaaaaaaaaawk. That’s a great idea Mom. would be a fun guest suite. you could insulate the wall between the chickens and the guest cottage. and seal all the gaps / cracks so no odors come through…. I’d stay in it!

  7. costahomestead

    @ John, so glad you asked about this because this was my first thought too, although I like the clean look of the drywall better than all the wood, I just think it looks cleaner, more spacious, and it makes the remaining woodwork standout and highlights the craftsmanship. But it would be interesting to see how it holds up, especially if the house is moved often.

    • Yes, drywall is one of those things most tiny housers haven’t used. although there are several out there that I’ve seen photos of that were completely cladded in sheetrock inside. and they are beautiful. it really makes the ceiling rise above you and makes the space feel much larger than it is.

      we’ll go ahead and do some research on how it holds up… 😉
      – Carrie

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  9. I think I mentioned this before on this site but I really like the built-in couch you guys made. Before we moved to the house we are in now we took inventory how we live in our house. What rooms we use most and how we use them. That dictated the number of rooms and their location in our current house and we ended up with fewer rooms than most houses of this sq ft. The problem is we were still under the influence/brainwashing of the “normal American dream” and though the rooms are few, they are larger than in most houses of this size. Anyway, I mention that to say this: in thinking of living smaller, especially in a tiny house, a person must take inventory how they live in the place they are, how they actually use the rooms they have and how they can consolidate what they need to do into a smaller space. This must be part of downsizing/rightsizing. I’ve been thinking on this during the last year and keep wondering what is the best way to furnish a small/tiny house for us. Then, as I was re-reading your blog posts here I remembered about that room use inventory we did in the past. Extending that to the present and thinking in terms of where do we sit when not doing something active around the house I realized you have the best solution right here. We normally spend most of our sitting time, when not doing something active, on the couch. Watching TV or working on our laptops (my wife is a teacher and does a lot of lesson planning and school work at home). The second most common place we sit is at the dining table but really not all that much time there other than during meals. I kept trying to place a pair of barrel chairs, a la Tumbleweed, in the great room of a small/tiny house but something kept bothering me about that. There are a few custom built-in couches I’ve seen lately in tiny houses and I like them all, but yours the best. Lots of storage, can double as meal time seating, comfy sitting for all the times we would be sitting, even working out as guest bed. Tammy and Logan’s tiny house has a nice built-in couch with those same functions. I still like yours better with side storage available while sitting, more storage under and behind too, and attached table!

    (I guess I do tend to ramble on a bit).

  10. Victoria

    I just love your house….I’ve had my son-in-law reading your blog….showing him your pretty home….my trailer should be ready by next weekend and we begin the build.

    I can’t remember did you use wool or foam board and how are your choices of either and the drywall doing with keeping you warm, moisture control, offgassing and cracking. I’m trying to build as clean as possible.

    I’m desperate to make a decision…..also…did you vent your rafters….why or why not?

  11. Had another query for you about your choices…
    You decided to go without a freezer (based on your use of one at the time).

    How is that working out?
    Do you find you still don’t need one?

    I can see someone “wanting” a freezer for longer term storage of fresh meat since it doesn’t keep for very long in just the fridge. Also for those preferring frozen veggies but I prefer fresh to frozen and there is also canned if needing to keep something longer than fresh would last. Ice Cream is another “want” but I really prefer to go out to a shop for that IF I really wanted some (not usually). Ice cubes would be the only real reason other than meats for a freezer… if you really need ice cubes.
    Most of what people say is a need in this department is really just a want based on previously ingrained training.
    Use what you prepare + prepare what you need = very little waste or left overs.
    Just my thoughts on it.

    • Hi Bob!
      yes, your thoughts are similar to ours re: freezers. ice cream is nice, but is it really worth the expense to run a freezer full time.
      we have been fine without our freezer! the people it would be hard to live without a freezer would be those who have a huge garden and freeze their produce, or those who buy half a cow or hunt, etc. like you mentioned. just get a deep freeze / chest freezer and put in outside!
      – Carrie

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