Tiny House Interior Progress: Painting / Millwork / Deck / Stairs

I am finally getting around to posting our progress!  This week has been busy, as usual, and getting home after 8pm I’ve been too lazy to post anything….  So, this will be a huge conglomerate post on what we’ve been working on lately in finishing up the Tiny House:

  • Painting of the Interior
  • Front Porch / Deck
  • Millwork / Casework / Cabinetry
  • Interior Stairs

First, we have the interior painted.  We started rolling it, but that took forever, so Shane sprayed it out.  We used Sherwin Williams “Alabaster” in an eggshell finish.

White painted interior

White painted interior

And… actually I think those photos were of the plaster finish, before painting…  oooops.  Painted interior in millwork photos below…

We also started on the kitchen cabinetry!  Which is awesome, because it’s really getting exciting to imagine using the space.

Kitchen cabinet face frame

The start of the kitchen cabinetry. This side will house our two-burner cooktop.

Kitchen cooking millwork with the face frame installed.

Overview of the kitchen with half of the millwork installed.

Stairs with storage leading up to the bed platform in the bedroom. A stair on each side so we each have storage drawers for clothes.

Also, Shane built an exterior deck on the back / front of the house.  (at the front door).  It is so beautiful and will be so wonderful to sit outside in the morning drinking coffee.

Shane used the car ramps that came with our trailer for the deck foundation.

Deck frame before attachment to the trailer.

I love how Shane arranged the boards for the deck. Beautiful natural wood pattern.

The deck frame installed on the car ramps.

Detail view of the bolted attachment of the deck to the steel ramps.

And… I forgot to take an overall photo of the finished deck installed!  Well, it’s still there, so I’ll post a photo soon.

We also purchased our refrigerator – it will go under the counter and is 5.6 cubic feet (which is large for an undercounter fridge) won’t have a freezer, but has a glass door and a stainless steel frame.

I am also working on custom light fixtures which will be made out of galvanized plumbing pipe.  I will post photos of those once I get them completed.

Hope all is well with everyone and thanks for following along!  Two more weeks to finish!!

take care,


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7 thoughts on “Tiny House Interior Progress: Painting / Millwork / Deck / Stairs

  1. wow! only two more weeks! congratulations! so impressed!

  2. Linda D.

    Great job!! I love reading and watching about your tiny house! Love your doggy too!

  3. Pat

    Been waiting to see the new photos! Shane is such a master carpenter and so looking forward to your light designs. You two are amazing. Do you ever sleep? LOL

  4. John

    Love the storage steps!

  5. georgemauro

    Your progress is amazing! You definitely have the vision. Storage steps very clever idea, nicely executed. The matching up of your deck boards speaks volumes about your abilities and experience. You guys are good at what you do.
    Some questions:
    Did you weld or bolt the car ramps to the trailer frame?
    Did you glue and screw the sheetrock? Your seams look like tiny grout channels. Is that the result of your secret solution to cracking joints? You’re not going to share that, are you? A Clothesline exclusive!

  6. Hello George,
    Thanks for your comments, we enjoy hearing from everyone. As to your questions the deck/car ramps I bolted them in so we can remove the deck if ever needed. I was going to make the deck fold up but not now maybe in the future
    As to the sheetrock we did glue and screw it to the framing, and your right the solution is a Clothesline Exclusive. Thanks for asking through.

    Stay posted, I have finally finished the wiring in my truck for the gooseneck and we are going to be taking it out for a photo shot here in the next few days. I’m also just about finished with the trim work and now to lay in the flooring. Photo’s coming soon.


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