designing our tiny home

we have spent about 3 weeks now dreaming, researching, planning, sketching, and  modeling the house we want to live in.  it’s a puzzle!  trying to fit a two bedroom, two bath, one garage, one tool trailer, two car, one motorcycle, and two bike lifestyle into an 8′ x 20′ space!  (we still need to pare down our belongings…stay tuned…)

we finally arrived at a design that we can move forward on:

exterior finishes are “TBD”…   when you’re contemplating a house can be towed down the road it raises design issues that don’t exist with regular architectural design!  for instance, are all those shingles going to blow off as soon as we hit 50 mph?  we’ll see!  ideally it will have metal roofing, but we need to price it out.

here’s the current plan:

the trailer we got is a 5th wheel / gooseneck (easier for towing and super heavy duty – ie can carry a house) so the bedroom is above the gooseneck and accessed by stairs.

fun!  now for the cost estimating and figuring out what we can actually use for materials…

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16 thoughts on “designing our tiny home

  1. Auntie Donna

    Hi nephew and Carrie…. am I the first one to comment? Then let it be the best.. Love you and wish you the best on this new venture!

  2. Christy Larsen

    Wow!’s like your dollhouse you built when we were kids, only on wheels!!

  3. john

    Nice work Carrie it looks Great

  4. Gramary

    Similar to our first RV Grandpa Bob & I had. It was a Roll-ite & the sides folded up & down via a battery. Traveled in his Wheelcair as he rode in the van while I drove. James was the inside man & I held the corners in while he hocked them on the inside. Lots of luck. Keep us posted on your project.

    • I can’t believe the places you guys went! Sounds like you had some fun campers. Tough things to make ADA compliant too. You’re my hero Grandma.

      • Gramary

        I did get your comment to my email, but no blog unless that will soon be coming.

  5. Bonnie

    I like your design!

    • thanks! we looked at a lot of more modern lines – like flat roofs and shed roofs… but the gable worked best for interior space. and for not looking like a single-wide! and turning the gable over the bedroom helps the aerodynamics immensely.

  6. Hi Carrie, You guys did a great job I love the way you did the bed room so it’s not a loft and the bathroom is great love the look of the sink and faucets.. hope you enjoy it. Robin

  7. Victoria

    Hi Carrie,

    Just doing more research, is your whole house 8×20 tip of gooseneck to end or is it 8×20 back door to bathroom and the bedroom is extraneous as it is over the gooseneck? I am trying to size a trailer, going to order one this week and hope to be in it by March.

    • hi Victoria,
      Bob’s comment explains it all! check out the “our plan” page for a drawing. our house is 8′-0 w. x 24′-0 long (exterior framing dimensions). our trailer is a gooseneck and is 20′-0″ long on the bed.
      hope that helps!

      • Victoria

        I did check it out and it was super helpful, talked to the trailer guy last friday and ordered it yesterday, my home is becoming a reality. 🙂

  8. Goto the ‘our plan’ link at the top of the page. That should answer your questions. Looks to me that the trailer is a 20′ class (20 ft of main trailer platform) and the bedroom extends 4′ over the goose neck. The deck is mounted on the ramps that are permanently extended for that. Most carrier trailers, goose neck or fifth wheel or bumper pull, are classed for length excluding the hitch and/or any dovetail or other extensions.

  9. I think the whole design is very nicely done. I don’t usually like the bathroom going across the width of the tiny house but that is when it’s at one end of the house. I rather like this one though. And with 2 doors between the living room and bedroom there is added privacy and quiet if someone wants to sleep in while the other is puttering around in the living room or kitchen. Something that is missing in other plans.

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